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Chile Makes Pact With Debil, Jeebus Sends Huge Earthquake

Posted by Ungodly , in Evil 27 February 2010 · 707 views

In this blog post we will be pre-reporting next weeks Pat Robertson insane rants on the massive earthquake in Chile today.

"And I hate to tell you this, but it was some time ago that the people of Chile made a pact with Teh Debil to help them defeat the Spanish, and, well, you know, there's a payback for this sort of thing."

Robertson has made a career out of appealing to fear and uncertainty in the minds of poorly educated and intolerant people. In fact he contributes to and reinforces the ignorance of the misguided listeners who fail to ridicule his psychotic rants.

We have been surprised a little bit because none of the recent earthquakes or other natural disasters have been blamed on gay people or women seeking abortions.

The horrible Haiti earthquake did seem to bring out the well documented racist streak of good old boy Robertson, so it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about the Chile earthquake because, after all, the Chileans are a bunch of foreigners.

One day, possibly not too long from now, nature will take its course, Robertson will die, and the planet will be slightly better off. I hope there is live coverage of his funeral on the Comedy Channel.

Mar 05 2010 05:55 AM
As do I...I'll be so happy that day. We already got rid of Jerry, can't wait for this guy to kick it.

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