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USA Adds Democracy Promoting Slogans to Syria Bombs and Missiles

Posted by Ungodly , 13 September 2013 · 4,031 views

Syria war peace bombs democracy
In order to encourage and reinforce the Arab Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer blooming so rapidly in Syria, US military forces are hard at work decorating the bombs, missiles, bombers, fighter jets and other Weapons of Mass Democracy that we are planning to drop, shoot and pave Syria with next week.

Posted Image

The decorations include symbols, icons and text encouraging the victims of Assad to keep working for democracy.

A Pentagon spokesman said "Our targeted weapons almost never, ever, kill anyone that we do not declare later was an insurgent. Well, after we move in they are insurgents. Until then they are just foreigners. But we want to plant the seeds of democracy as deep as possible, sometimes in craters 10 or 15 feet deep. These slogans help any collateral damage to understand we are only trying to help!"

One of the mistakes we may have made in Iraq was failing to convince the people we were killing, maiming, burning, bombing, and riddling with bullets that we were acting in a sincere and well planned effort to promote democracy.

The bombs, missiles, you know, all that stuff scheduled for Operation Kill For Peace should be fully covered with slogans and words of encouragement by the middle of next week.

Feb 02 2015 03:19 PM
Killing, Hmmm basicly taking away there right to live, that's not freedom.

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