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Justice Scalia's Time Had Already Passed

Posted by Ungodly , 16 February 2016 · 3,540 views

Just days after Justice Antonin Scalia passed away a news item that became viral online and was reported widely in the press confirms my belief that for the late SCOTUS Justice, his time had already passed.


Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Tristian Resz were married in a civil ceremony, and the photo of their first kiss as a married couple went viral on Facebook. Even the conservative press ran this story and photo, including USA Today. This illustrates that acceptance of gay couples has now fully permeated our society. It is no longer scandalous, reprehensible, or in any way criminal not only to be gay, but even to openly admit it. In the minds of most Americans teh gays are now as equally entitled to a seat at the table as anyone else.


For Justice Scalia his time had passed. He was a brilliant jurist, a very intelligent man, extremely well educated, and undeniably a patriot. Unfortunately he did not achieve his full potential because he failed to turn his sharp intellect to a critical examination of the superstitions taught to him by his religion.


Without Christianity he might have grown to accept all human beings as equal in personal dignity and legal rights. He might have examined popular attitudes toward women and minorities in a more skeptical fashion if they had not been cloaked in layers of holiness.


While history will show he was misguided and often literally wrong there is no doubt that in his own mind he was just and maybe just a little bit extra righteous. Such is the danger when we fail to hold up our own beliefs to the harsh light of objective reality.


Just say NO to ridiculous ancient superstitions used to justify bigotry and intolerance.

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