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Promote Christian Heritage in Texas by Bringing Back Slavery

Posted by Ungodly , in Bible Values 15 March 2010 · 1,285 views

texas school board true christians bible values slavery. Mexicans illegal immigration
Texas Jesus, Fully Armed and Ready for IllegalsThe State School Board in Texas has recently made some brave moves to restore the True Christian™ values of the Founding Fathers that they considered sufficiently pure of Jeebus Heart to include. Sure they did have to eliminate some references to minor characters who played no important role in the Founding Father club, like that Thomas Jefferson heathen, but as far as True Christians are concerned they left them in the curriculum.

We think this is an important first step in returning Texas to its Holy and Biblical roots, but to really improve the Biblical reformation of Texas as well as solving the awful issue of illegal immigration we suggest that the God-approved practice of owning slaves should be reintroduced in Texas. There are very, very many places in the Holy Bible where the practice of owning slaves is discussed and clearly it is God's will that His People should benefit from the labors of captured members of other ethnic groups, so to speak.

Now people who were brought here against their will from Africa, and their many descendants, have already paid their price for admission to the Pure White Nation created by our Founding Fathers. Black people should not be forced into slavery. But what if the average Texan owned three or four Mexicans? They could be used to clean bathrooms, mow yards, do laundry, wash the dishes, and prepare tacos every day for lunch. It's a lot like the present system, except that any person of Mexican origins found to be in the USA without the proper paperwork would be declared, by law, to have volunteered to serve as a slave to a True Christian family for, oh, say 25 years.

This is all very much in agreement with the teachings in The Bible as you can see on this webpage.

The Texas School Board can help this process along by teaching the True Christian school children of Texas that they have the God given right to own Mexican slaves. If we are going to restore Bible Values to our schools, let's get down to business!

Ha ha ha! The people in Texas would probably like your idea. :Happy:

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