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update on situation

Posted by alteredmind , 26 January 2017 · 4,271 views

greetings, its been a while since i have been on here. any ways I am very glad, happy and releaved to tell you all that I was wrong about my family. I do not actually have a dysfunctional family, but regardless everything I said in my first blog post was true. its just that my nuclear fam I think is not a typical family, we are more like a group of oddballs. my moms last merriage was just really lousy between my mother and step dad, however me and my sibilings growing up had decent perenting and were raised pretty normally, even a little bit spoiled as well. my mom loved us all and cared about us, as well as my step dad. because of my family being odd or different from the rest combined with my moms last marriage witch was pretty dam lousy, gave me the illusion that something was very wrong and that i had a dysfunctional family that i needed to escape from or start a new life without them because i thought they were just to emotionally toxic to be around. my mom as well as my grandmother is supportive of me and my brothers is also supportive when they can be with my illness. none of them use me for things, take advantage of me or talk to me like i am a stranger on the streets so all is good. after being under this illusion for about 5 years or more, i can say i know how those kids from broken/dysfunctional homes feel now, the illusion allowed me to see from being in there shoes/perspective a little and it is 10 times worse then bullying, i would never wish it on anybody and no one deserves to go threw that. well that is all i have to say for now, i hope you all have a great time and enjoy your lives.

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