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Why Do Atheists Care ?

Posted by RIP Joe Bloe , 10 September 2011 · 751 views

Christians often ask why atheists care so much about religion. They point out that atheists don't believe in Santa Claus, or pixies, or the Tooth Fairy, but they don't continually harp on the subject - so why do they get so worked-up about god? If they don't believe in god then why does it bother them so much?

Well the people who believe in Santa Claus, or pixies, or the Tooth Fairy, are not going door-to-door trying to convert others to their way of thinking. They are not lobbying Government to impose laws that will make life difficult for those who do not believe. They are not asking Government to give them tax-breaks while everyone else has to pay. They are not asking that science classes should include pixies as possible explanations for natural events. They are not asking that all children pray to the Tooth Fairy before the start of each school day. They are not demanding that our courts dole out sentences in accordance with pixie law. Santa Claus believers and Tooth Fairy followers don't do those things - but religious people do...

Reasons Why Atheists Care About Religion

  • Missionaries destroying other cultures.
  • The demonization of groups that are not religious.
  • Persecution of heretics like Galileo and Bruno.
  • Children dying because their parents refused them medical treatment on religious grounds.
  • Slavery supported by scripture
  • Holy wars
  • Works of art destroyed because they are considered blasphemous
  • Censorship of speech, art, books, music, films, poetry, songs and thought.
  • Persecution and punishment of blasphemers.
  • Exorcisms that often result in the death of the victim.
  • People suffering injury or death in the belief that their faith has made them invulnerable.
  • Whole countries engaged in war over trivial differences in belief or doctrine.
  • Mass suicides of cult-members following a charismatic leader.
  • The attempted genocide of followers of opposing faiths.
  • The discouragement of rational thought (resulting in young-earth creationists, for example).
  • Uncontrolled population growth caused by churches prohibiting birth-control and abortion.
  • The spread of AIDS due to churches prohibiting the use of condoms.
  • Believers whipping and crucifying themselves during religious festivals.
  • Fanatical Christians killing people who work in abortion clinics
  • Fanatical Muslims flying planes into buildings.
  • Women treated as second-class citizens or even slaves
  • Pentecostal snake-handlers
  • Persecution of homosexuals
  • Religious leaders using their power for financial gain or the sexual abuse of children.
  • Inquisitions
  • Crusades
  • Witch Burning

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Wonderful post, Joe Bloe. Your list of reasons why atheists care was very detailed and inclusive. Thanks!
Wow I'm just now reading this and it's wonderful, Joe! Love what you said! I need to check out the Blog section more often.
Nice post....best explanation I have read, good job.