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Cousin Ricky’s Blog


Believe Some of What You See

Posted by Cousin Ricky , 12 November 2013 · 5,386 views
color, spectrum and 1 more...
Color is imaginary, by definition. It is what we perceive, and only that.

Saying that a yellow object is yellow because it reflects yellow light and absorbs the rest is an oversimplification. An object that reflects green and red, but absorbs yellow, still looks yellow! And what color is ultraviolet? Bees can see ultraviolet. Partially colorblind peopl...


Deconversion and Death: a Mental Snapshot

Posted by Cousin Ricky , 21 October 2012 · 2,497 views

Christians are taught that physical death is not the end of conscious existence. Having been Christian most of my life, it was not a comfortable experience to find that I was no longer capable of believing this.

Around the end of my deconversion period, I posted approximately a dozen and a half faith-related articles to the newsgroup sci.astro.amateur....

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