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James Roberts, 1989-1996, Ages 3 to 10, The Missouri Years, A Summary in Memories

Posted by CainEnabled , 26 August 2010 · 494 views

Getting electrocuted by pipe cleaner man to socket action. Playing in the neighbors yard when I wasn't supposed to. Sunday school. Sitting in the back pew of church next to my mom. Getting slapped in the back pew of church by my mom. Being brought out into the hallway of the church by my mom and being yelled at for acting up on the back pew of the church, then getting slapped. Turtle hunting with Remington in storm drains and drainage ditches. Family baseball. My dad letting go of the bicycle seat. Falling off the bicycle. Thinking my dad was trying to kill me by letting go of the bicycle seat. Crossing the train tracks when I wasn't supposed to. Getting scared of absolutely nothing and running back across the train tracks. Sylvester the tuxedo tabby. Candy the mutt. Lummox the rottweiler. The puppy brigade. The kitty ladder. Getting bitten on the hand by the demon cat, Domino. "Training for the circus" with my older brother, Michael. David falling off the piano bench. David getting stitches in his head from falling off the piano bench. Putting a bible in the seat of my pants to guard against a spanking. Getting a worse spanking when my dad found the blatantly obvious bible. Days with Gladys. My first cigarette ever. Michael stealing my bicycle. Michael's car accident. Michael getting sent away. Visiting Michael in the boy's home. Remington and Lois. David reading at an unusually young age. My first day of public school. 3rd grade, Mrs. Brown. Impossibly hard times tables. Impossibly easy spelling. John being born. 4th grade, Mrs. Whitehead. Finding out I'm moving. Last day of school. Saying goodbye to everyone. Rachel had a crush on me. Finding the note Rachel left in my bookbag with her phone number on it. Packing. Remington coming to hang out and getting turned away by my dad. Remington walking away with his head down. Where's Lois? Looking for Lois as the truck pulls away. Painful goodbye to my life.

RIP Joe Bloe
Aug 27 2010 04:33 AM
I tried something like this a while back and was amazed to discover that most of my memories lasted for only a few seconds. I have a clear memory of each incident, but what happened one second earlier or one second later is completely and utterly gone! I was both surprised and disappointed.

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