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Science and the Bible

Posted by deathislife , 05 May 2010 · 750 views


Go to that link. That is what this whole blog is about. It didn't impress me, as you're about to see. Read along on that site to see what I'm talking about in this blog.

Ok, let’s go through this:

Paleontology - Job 40:15-24 are the first verses they talk about for this. Oddly enough, it doesn’t use the word “dinosaur,” nor does it mention something only dinosaurs had. It could be many different things, including “a hippopotamus, dinosaur, wildebeest, or crocodile.” (skepticsannotatedbible.com)

Job 41 seems to just go on and on about it. Notice again that it doesn’t mention “dinosaur” by word. Maybe they didn’t have the word yet, because they didn’t know what one was. Another thing that bothers me here is this: “Scholarly descriptions of what would now be recognized as dinosaur bones first appeared in the late 17th century in England.” True, “The Chinese considered {dinosaur bones} to be dragon bones and documented them as such.” However, that’s in China, and I doubt The Bible takes place in China. (wikipedia.org)

Plus, it’s odd what it’s talking about. Dinosaurs and humans NEVER coexisted on the Earth. We only see that on The Flintstones. How could he describe the “strength in his loins” (Job 40:16) when there’s no possible way he saw one alive? Plus, in that same verse, “he eateth grass as an ox.” Maybe, and think about this, it was…I don’t know, an OX?

Astronomy - Genesis 22:17 and Jeremiah 33:22 both compare sand to stars in number. What can I say? That might be a good guess. They’d have no way of knowing how much there were, but if they looked up at the sky at night…Behold! They’d have seen a lot of stars. What a coincidence, do you think?

Plus the Genesis passage mentions “I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven.” On that same site, it mentions that “We have seen estimates of 1021 stars.” Now, I may be wrong, but we do NOT have 1021 people living on this planet, and we never could, as there’d be no room.

Ok, I’ll buy that second part about each star being different, because they are.

Jeremiah 31:35-36 doesn’t much impress me. It’s not explaining movements. It’s saying that the sun is out during the day, and the moon and stars are out at night, which anyone back then would have known without being told by a god.

A few things for Job 26:7. One, space doesn’t just stretch out over the north. It stretches out all around us. If it was just the north, that promotes a flat Earth, which people back then believed. Two, saying the Earth “hangs” isn’t the best description, but I suppose I’ll let it pass.

Meteorology - Ecclesiastes 1:6 has the worst explanation of wind that I have ever heard. The wind does not work like a “circuit” as that verse says it does. It does not go north, and then come back south.

As I said before, wind doesn’t have weight…That’s gravity. Do you know why it doesn’t say gravity? Because they didn’t know about it. If this was inspired by God, it would be more scientific, because with what I’ve read of the Bible, God must be an idiot.

Biology - This first part is just pathetic. Any so-called doctor back then would realize that if you lose a lot of blood, you die. The problem with your site is it claims the Bible revealed blood circulation is the key factor to physical life, when, if you read the verse (Leviticus 17:11), it says completely NOTHING about circulation. It just pretty much says that if you lose a lot of blood, you die.

Of course “God saw that it was good.” He would have known it was good before he even created us, as he’s “all-knowing.” And you want marijuana legalized as well? That’s great! Of course, you must want it legalized, as it’s a natural plant, and it wouldn’t be here unless God wanted us to use it. Makes you wonder about those poisonous mushrooms though, doesn’t it?

So…exactly how do those two verses describe the chemical nature of flesh? It says we’re made of dust. I don’t recall ever learning that in a science class.

I don’t even know how to reply to this last one. Spiritual health doesn’t matter, which is obvious, because if it did, I’d be dead, because I’ve been an atheist for over three years. Yes, mental stature does correlate with health. I’m not even going to say it was common knowledge back then, because I doubt it was. However, those verses really aren’t very good verses. If someone is full of envy, of course they’re going to feel bad.

Anthropology - All that verse says is that they were chased away and had to live in caves. I see no real connection to the subject of anthropology. True, our early evolutionary ancestors lived in caves. However, it says plainly on the site that these aren’t cavemen, so I don’t see the point. If they were thrown out of town and had nowhere else to go, of course they’d go to a cave. Better that then be out in the open.

Hydrology - That first verse is nothing special. All it says is it rains and there’s lightning, which is obvious. That second verse adds wind, but again, people back then knew what wind was.

Job 36:27-29 is often quoted. Again, it’s not saying anything amazing. Notice that Job 36:29 is actually a question. It’s asking if anyone can understand the spreading of clouds, because they can’t. You need to read the verses, not the explanations. I don’t listen to what others tell me to believe. I read and decide for myself. You should do the same.

Ecclesiastes 1:7 makes me think that rivers run out to the sea, and then return to the river. Again, this is bad science. A god would be able to explain it better than this. Plus, the ocean IS full. It’s just not over flown. Again, your Bible is wrong. And as for that second verse…Come on. It’s saying that water helps plants grow. That’s it. I’m pretty sure they knew that back then.

And the next two verses just say that some clouds are wide. It also mentions that they hold water. I might be wrong about this, so I’ll check myself, but next time it rains, look at the sky and see if there’s a cloud above you. People back then saw clouds, and noticed that it rained sometimes. They connected the two.

I want you to note how old Noah is: 600. They had great life spans back then, didn’t they? Funny, but no one has ever lived to that age. No one that has been proven to exist, anyway.

Geology - The Earth has foundations? That’s bad wording. Makes me think of the Earth’s pillars that are mentioned later in the Bible. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the Earth doesn’t have pillars. But besides that, it doesn’t mention anything about the Earth’s crust.

I’ll leave Isaiah 40:22 to Blair Scott:

“The circle referred to in Isaiah 40:22 is telling. A circle is not a sphere. A circle is flat – a sphere is round, like a ball. A curtain is a flat item that covers a specific area. A tent is pitched on a flat area – not around a sphere. The heavens can only be a tent if the Earth is flat. Otherwise, it’s not like a tent if it is stretched over a sphere. The Isaiah passage confirms that the men that wrote the books of the OT thought the Earth was flat.”

I see the part where it mentions how it was translated, but as you didn’t even know Jesus’ real name in Hebrew, I’m surprised you use this excuse.

Physics - I only slightly see how they could connect this with nuclear energy. Again, notice that it never says “nuclear.” Almost reminds me of what they’d say about the sun. Also, notice what else the verse is saying. Is that saying that Heaven won’t last forever?

And I see not on things that could even be taken as mentioning television. I see nothing to do with waves. All I see is this writer just waiting for the Earth to be destroyed. (Writer of the site, not the Bible.) And everyone will see it…If a sign appeared in Heaven, and then not all tribes could see it, as the Earth isn’t flat. Since the Bible says they’ll all see it, then it’s saying the Earth is flat.

Great stuff! I love your calm outrage.
RIP Joe Bloe
May 22 2010 09:09 PM
Thanks DIL. It's nice to have all of this information in one place. It will come in handy I'm sure.
Jun 11 2010 08:18 PM

Great stuff! I love your calm outrage.

Calm outrage is always tha best.

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