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Peer Pressure: The Hidden Problem

Posted by deathislife , 02 September 2010 · 958 views

"Drugs are bad! They can kill you. Don't let peer pressure affect you." - Any idiot D.A.R.E. officer

And yes, that's just an example. It's not exactly what they say, but I found those D.A.R.E. things a waste of time anyway. Now, bad is opinion anyway. They will say it's illegal, and that’s true, but should drugs be illegal? The answer is very clear: No.

I know what you're thinking: "Well, marijuana, maybe, should be legal, but surely not heroin or cocaine."

Wrong. All drugs should be legal, as there's no good reason for them to be illegal. To understand my position, you have to understand I believe two things: People should be able to do anything they want (1) as long as it doesn't directly hurt anyone else (2). I need to be clear. When I say directly, I mean it. If someone drives drunk and kills someone, then alcohol isn't the problem. The guy was just an idiot.

Also, I do mean "anyone else." I think we should be able to hurt ourselves if we so desire. I even want suicide legal. I can hear the argument: "But it someone kills themselves, then that would hurt the family." I'm sorry, but could you show me physical hurt? I don't care about emotional hurt, as you can judge or measure it. Therefore, emotional hurt shouldn't matter when making laws. Emotional hurt isn't direct.

Now, to the main idea of this blog. You always hear those D.A.R.E. cops mention peer pressure when talking about drugs. What is peer pressure exactly? According to Wikipedia, "Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms." http://en.wikipedia....i/Peer_pressure)

The first thing you should notice with the definition is the last four words in the sentence. "Conform to social norms." Do you know what the "social norms" are in society? They are "Drugs are bad, and you shouldn't use them."

It isn't exactly peer pressure, but when anyone tells you that you shouldn't use drugs, isn't that pressure? Wouldn't it be better to be neutral on the issue until you can decide for yourself? How is someone who supports drug use worse than someone who says that you shouldn't use drugs? Shouldn't drug use be a personal thing, not a governmental issue?

Those are questions that you need to answer for yourself. However, I do smoke marijuana every now and then. I don't hide it. If anyone wants to try it, it's very simple: Just go to any high school. You'll find a dealer there; I assure you.

Now, you might be wondering, if you were smart enough to catch it, what I feel about cigarettes. They hurt the user, which I am fine with, but they directly hurt non-users around the user. I feel that it should be a crime to smoke around a non-smoker, especially if the non-smoker is under ten years of age. It would be impossible to enforce this law, that I completely accept, but I think that it smokers should be fined if they are found to have done this.

Now, as a final comment, why is the Religious right (the subject of my next blog) against the legalization of marijuana? Think about it. They are idiots who don’t accept evolution, so they believe every living thing today was around when the Earth first formed, according to them, 6,000 years ago. I know, it hurts my head and logic too.

Now, marijuana is just a plant. There are no additives to it. The THC is in the plant. Why are they against smoking this plant, when it is, in their own opinion, one of God’s creations? They obviously haven’t thought it through well at all.

I think that’s it I feel I forgot something, but I don’t remember what that might be. Hope you enjoy.

RIP Joe Bloe
Sep 05 2010 11:42 PM
When I look at the big picture, I am quite happy to go along with the idea that people should be able to use recreational drugs if they want to - but personally I am against it. I take on board what you are saying in your blog, but if anyone asks me for advice about drug taking I will always say "Don't do it."

I write this, not to disagree with you DIL - yours may well be the more sensible position - but just to remind other readers that we atheists are a diverse bunch and have very different opinions on all manner of things.

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