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The Christian right is Wrong

Posted by deathislife , 03 September 2010 · 1,267 views

Two things before we get started. Well, three, actually.

  • 1. The "right" in "Christian right" is referring to the fact that they are mostly Republicans, or on the right side of the political field, not that they are right as in correct.
  • 2. When I say "wrong," that means in my opinion, I consider them despicable. As you know, there isn't really an overall right and wrong. It's all opinion.
  • 3. Wikipedia changed its format for the Christian right page (My link). So I'll be doing this a little differently then how I would have done it.

Those things are out of the way, so now, we begin.


Surprise, surprise, they support state-sanctioned prayer in public schools, which, of course, is completely, 100% illegal. Of course, what they really want is to do is turn this country into a Christian theocracy.

The Christian right can't stop the teaching of evolution, which is a scientific fact, just so you know. Because of that, they want to teach things "fairly." They want to teach creationism and intelligent design along-side evolution. It's called teaching the controversy, but there are a few problems with that. Recently, a court has ruled that you cannot teach Intelligent Design in schools. Of course, Intelligent Design is just Christianity with the exact religious term replaced with "scientific" terms, and it's not even a theory. So it should never be taught in schools. It's that plain.

On sexual education, they will usually support teaching abstinence until marriage, which is what we were taught, if you went to Crestview, 8th grade. Of course, they should have taught use about condoms and birth-control. Of course, Christians, especially Catholics, hate birth-control, because they are idiots. They say it's not natural, but really, does it matter? No, it doesn't. Not at all, and it should be taught in school, condoms. Because "abstinence only" will never work. Never.

I like this line from wiki: "Unlike comprehensive sex-education programs, alternatives such as contraception and birth-control are only mentioned in the context of their failure rates." So, as you can tell, they are bias in teaching their version of sexual education. It's not so much education as it is wishful thinking.

They support homeschooling, which, if I had known, then I wouldn't be getting homeschooled. The reason the support homeschooling is because it's a "viable alternative to secular education." They don't like that fact that religion can't be in schools, so they take it into their own hands to force religion down their kid’s throat.


They promote conservative or literal interpretations of the Bible as the basis for moral values, and enforcing such values by legislation. That also, of course, would be illegal. Isn't it funny how these people don't care?

They oppose the federal funding to science, as it contradicts the Bible. Again, that's not a good thing, and nobody reading this should think it is. They oppose giving complete civil rights to gay and lesbian U.S. citizens, especially in relation to marriage. Doesn't that make you see how fucked up these people are? That's why people like Riley and Trevor disgust me.

They also oppose equal recognition and freedom of religious expression for Wicca and other Neopagan faiths. The reason should be completely obvious. They don't want to have to compete against anymore religions then they have to now. And as I mentioned my last blog, they oppose legalization of marijuana, which is a stance that makes no sense whatsoever.

They believe that separation of church and state "is not explicit in the American Constitution, believing instead that such separation is a creation of what it claims are activist judges in the judicial system though both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison make very similar writings taking a positive position on church/state separation." As you can see, they are being mistaken on purpose on this issue. They are also the idiots who say that this country was founded by Christians as a Christian country. Again, that is false, and any smart person would realize that. This has never been a Christian country, and it hopefully never will become one.

They say that they have every right to display the Ten Commandments on government buildings, which is also illegal, as the courts have said numerous times, as it violates the Establishment Clause.

Since they don't really believe in church/state separation, support the presence of religious institutions within government. Can you say illegal?

They like promoting the idea that elected politicians are chosen by God and that leaders should shape the country in Christian ways like changing the constitution to better reflect "God's standards."

They often oppose International cooperation, speaking against the United Nations and the Olympic Games as well as standing in opposition to strong international trade. I don't even understand this one. Why do they oppose it? I oppose it only when the International law supersedes our Constitution, but as these religious nut-cases don't care about the Constitution, I don't understand their problem with this.


They support stronger regulation or prohibition of abortion, which, in my opinion, takes away the rights of women. This is the only thing every single Christian right agree on. They all hate abortion, as they consider it murder. I wonder...is it murder if you kill a member of the Christian right? I mean, they are already brain-dead.

They generally oppose euthanasia. I, of course, support the right to die. If a man is in a coma, the family has a right to let that man die. My grandpa had Alzheimer's, and he died a few years ago. My dad has always said that if he gets Alzheimer's, then he wants to be able to die. I support that. However, it's only legal in one state, and that is Oregon. So, if we move there, you know what's going down.

Of course, they oppose stem cell research, which could help millions, and they oppose human cloning, if we ever get it down. I support the idea of cloning, but I don't think we should go all crazy if we find a way to do it.

Sex and sexuality

Besides abortion, they oppose divorce in general (which takes rights away from separate people), pornography (which I support, as it hurts no one directly), premarital sex (it will always happen, nothing will stop that), prostitution (there is no such thing as a victimless crime, so I support legalization of prostitution), and emergency contraceptive methods (which, of course, I support, as any decent person would).

They hate homosexuals, of course, like all Christians seem to. "They have spoken out against same-sex marriage, same-sex civil unions, adoption of children by same-sex couples, hate crime legislation that includes homosexuals as a protected group, and the acknowledgment of homosexuals as teachers, soldiers, pastors, or politicians." Basically, they don't think homosexuals should have rights like the rest of use. It seems to me that all they want to do is make them second-class citizens, more so then they are now.

That's it, but isn't it enough? Does some of what they stand for not sicken you? I hate these people, as they try to bring religion into government, and it does not belong there. Actually, I don't think religion belongs anywhere, but I can't help that. In any case, I can promise that I shall never vote for someone who holds more than three of these views.

I hope you found this blog informative. I implore you to enjoy it.

RIP Joe Bloe
Sep 05 2010 10:23 PM
Thanks DIL - Informative and enjoyable.
There’s a line in the author’s description of Mirror Reversal, “Throughout history religions have put their ideology and beliefs in the supernatural ahead of urgent human and environmental needs.”

I think that’s the underlying theme to much of what you’re protesting: ideology is more important than humanity.

Your contempt for a Christian theocracy is shared by many Americans and I don’t think it’s going to happen. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine as well. But freethinkers are growing in numbers every day and the chance of another Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann showing up for the next presidential election is improbable.

If it ever happens, “my ass is grass” as we used to say in NYC. I have so much hostile and inimical anti-Christian writing on the Internet, they’ll send the Inquisitors ringing my doorbell in two minutes. Boy that must have sucked, when the Church had so much power and hegemony over people’s behavior and thought.

So, it’s great to be alive, if just to see what happens. Which Greek philosopher wrote, “The truth shall make you free.”? I think Aristotle. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but is sure is overdue.
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