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Ungodly's Blog


Justice Scalia's Time Had Already Passed

Posted by Ungodly , 16 February 2016 · 3,612 views

Just days after Justice Antonin Scalia passed away a news item that became viral online and was reported widely in the press confirms my belief that for the late SCOTUS Justice, his time had already passed. 
Spc. Shane Adriano and Pfc. Tristian Resz were married in a civil ceremony, and the photo of their first kiss as a married couple went viral on...


USA Adds Democracy Promoting Slogans to Syria Bombs and Missiles

Posted by Ungodly , 13 September 2013 · 3,949 views
Syria, war, peace, bombs and 1 more...
‚Äč In order to encourage and reinforce the Arab Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer blooming so rapidly in Syria, US military forces are hard at work decorating the bombs, missiles, bombers, fighter jets and other Weapons of Mass Democracy that we are planning to drop, shoot and pave Syria with next week.



Modern Technology Makes Religious Memes Look Crazy

Posted by Ungodly , 30 April 2012 · 2,109 views
Jesus industry, religion and 2 more...
To tell you what I want to say about religion please let me start by painting a picture of me as a 12 year old child at the dawn of the age of television.I was a geeky kid from the very beginning. By the time I was 12 years old neighbors were paying me $5 a pop to repair their televisions. In the process of learning how to repair a television I was...


Taking Money From Google Without Being Evil

Posted by Ungodly , in The Google, Proposition H8, Evil, Uncategorized 25 February 2010 · 704 views
Google, evil, don't be evil and 2 more...
If you were to visit every single one of the approximately 130 websites I own you would see a grand total of zero Google Ads. It's arguably true that a majority of sites on the web do publish Google Ads, at one time they appeared on most of my sites, but there will never be another Google ad on a site I own while I am still alive. Here is why.

It was...


Required Terms For Use Of This System

Posted by Ungodly , 22 February 2010 · 3,711 views



Welcome to the Ain't No God Blogging System

Posted by Ungodly , 22 February 2010 · 524 views
Atheists unite! Use your blog to flaunt your lack of superstition! Start multiple blogs. Have fun blogging.

The new blogging facility at Ain't No God is intended to allow you, the user, to express your opinions on any subject you desire.

Talk about music, nature, cooking. movies, your family, your lover, whatever suits your fancy.

You can...

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