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Gender Neutral Restroom Sign

AAcon14 gender neutral gender neutral restroom restroom


Richard Callwood III

Gender Neutral Restroom Sign

The convention arranged for gender neutral restrooms. The text reads:

Sometimes because of how people look, they aren’t allowed to use the restroom. We can do better!
There are real impacts when bathrooms are labeled for women or men only.

Trans & Gender Non-Conforming people often face discrimination, harassment, arrest, or violence in restrooms.
Everyone should be able to use the restroom, change clothes, do their makeup, or change their babies in peace.
Everyone who needs help should be able to use the facilities with their family members, friends, or attendants.

In this restroom, we ask that no one be stared at, questioned, or asked to leave.

  • It’s important that we work proactively to create safer spaces for ALL people whenever and wherever we can.
  • We realize that sharing a restroom could feel new and different. We appreciate your understanding. If, for any reason, you prefer segregated restrooms, those are available on the ground floor.
  • THANK YOU for helping make American Atheists’ 2014 National Convention a safe and welcoming space for everyone!