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Hello, Standard Time!

daylight savings time standard time Virgin Islands


Respective posters, via Facebook (Fair Use/commentary and criticism)

Hello, Standard Time!

A posting to Facebook a day after the USA reverted to standard (winter) time:


Good morning shoutout to the people who are only just now getting to work because they had their phones set to Eastern Standard Time.

Richard Callwood - I once had a work computer that was procured during the summer and set to EDT. For a month and a half after the time change, I arrived at work on time and left and hour late every day. (I didn't notice until I got an email that arrived an hour before it was sent.)

[REDACTED] - Time changing isn't any excuse for USVI people to be late...phones have clocks..lol for some any excuse will do. lol

[OP REDACTED] - Yep, but if the clocks (and phones) are set to EST they account for Daylight Savings Time automatically. I've seen this happen. Isn't that right Nadine Pancham?

Richard Callwood - I've seen it happen, too. Isn't that right, [REDACTED] Callwood?

[REDACTED] - Hay it happened to me yesterday.

[REDACTED] - Doesn't the phone automatically change?

Richard Callwood - Yes, and that's exactly the problem. In the Virgin Islands, it should not change. We are like Arizona.