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Replace religion, but with what?

Escape from Religion 07 Aug 2017
I've been thinking a lot over the years about what religion would look like in the future.  Can it be reformed, and if so, how would a reformed religion look?  More importantly, what could religion be replaced with that serves the same purpose and has the same benefits?   My answer...
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Gibberish Text Files Installed for Hostile Bots

What's New? Today, 02:45 AM
Various scripts used by criminals worldwide constantly search the WWW for specific pages that will exist if a site uses certain software. These bots then try to attack those sites where the target is found.  This is widely done in search of Wordpress blogs to attack. This site does not use W...
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Who Still Supports Tweety McRacism?

Politics and Other Wars 16 Aug 2017
Near as I can reckon this here Venn diagram represents the folks who still support Tweety McRacism.  I tweeted a copy of this to Tweety.  
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Rational Wiki wrong about Tulsi Gabbard

Politics and Other Wars 14 Aug 2017
Here is their article about her: http://rationalwiki....i/Tulsi_Gabbard   In the article, they bring up reasons why progressives should be skeptical of Gabbard, citing her past conservative positions and how she only made a hard turn to the left to get elected in her largely liberal district...
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Racist Pig Arizona Sheriff Revives Birther Idiocy

Politics and Other Wars 02 Mar 2012
A notoriously racist sheriff in Arizona has pumped a fresh load of stupid into the nearly deflated birther bullshit by reviving the claim that our dark complected POTUS was not born in the USA.While the revolting, obnoxious, despicable Sheriff Joe has not indicated where the POTUS was actually b...
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Pat Robertson Fell Off a Horse, Horse is OK

Religion Today 12 Aug 2017
Fortunately the horse involved was not harmed today when Pat Robertson fell off.
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The President Has Something To Say

Humor 13 Aug 2017
This made me laugh:  
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Exciting News For Christians

Christianity 13 Aug 2017
I saw this item at the "Christian Headlines" website:   Do you remember the story of Jesus’ first miracle when he turned water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee? This miracle is recorded in John 2:1-11. Recently, archaeologists have discovered what they believe is the workshop...
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Polygamous Genetic Disorder

Religious Afflictions 03 Aug 2017
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Pastor Robert Jeffress: God authorizes Trump to take out...

Christianity 09 Aug 2017
A Baptist scam artist/megachurch leader in the Theocracy of Texas has offered his official endorsement for Tweety to drop bombs and otherwise kill innocent Koreans because Sky Monster approves of blood, gore, bombings and other religious activities.   Robert Jeffress is the CEO of a Dallas m...
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