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The World Health Organization Promotes Traditional Chines...

About Science 09 Jun 2019
The World Health Organization Promotes Traditional Chinese Medicine     https://sciencebased...scientific-tcm/
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Trump isn't paying his bills. (Surprise!)

Politics and Other Wars Yesterday, 03:39 PM
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Christians Celebrate Anniversary of Pulse Nightclub Mass...

Religion Today 12 Jun 2019
A good old fashioned Christian religious group has timed and placed their convention so they can visit the site of the mass murder at the former Pulse Nightclub in Florida and celebrate that mass murder on the third anniversary.  For these deeply religious people nothing tops the mass murder...
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Christian homophobes who allege Islam is worse

Christianity Yesterday, 10:07 PM
In just about any debate on the anti-LGBT bigotry by Christian fundamentalists, you will inevitably get Christian apologists who say, "You should be thankful we're not throwing you off rooftops!"  I'm not going to look up specific examples, as this argument is all over social media.  Th...
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Best Gay Rights Group Name Ever

Politics and Other Wars 05 Apr 2018
Remember Pastor Steven Anderson? The morality instructor who advocates death by firing squad for our webmaster tried to export his hate to South Africa, but Africa’s only country with marriage equality naturally denied him a visa. So he decided the next best thing was to go north to Botswana. He...
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Atheist nurse's fight against mandatory AA

Instead of Religion 12 Jun 2019
Atheist nurse's fight against mandatory AA will go before B.C. Human Rights Tribunal   https://www.cbc.ca/n...d-world-evening
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Franklin Graham is Offended by the Rainbow Flag.

Humor 12 Jun 2019
I think this entry about Franklin Graham -- that bit of bigoted filth -- belongs under humor.  He is deeply offended by the Rainbow Flag.   Good.                   https://friendlyathe...&utm_content=44     It's a good less...
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The Templeton Foundation has taken sides

Religion Today 09 Jun 2019
The Templeton Foundation has taken sides.  They have decided that the Agnostics are right and the Atheists are wrong.  They have declared this with money.   If anybody wants to make me an offer -- I can be bought.          Is there anything quite so sad, as...
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The Jewish Pride Flag

Politics and Other Wars 08 Jun 2019
Protests against -- and for -- the Jewish Pride Flag.   This is giving me a headache.  I'm having difficulty keeping track of the players and the sides.   https://www.timesofi...tm_medium=email
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A Meeting With God

Why I Don't Believe 09 Jun 2019
A poem I wrote several years ago, but never shared here.       In all of my years spent in search of the truth Some questions still linger from back in my youth I've never seen evidence God is out there, No loving creator to answer my prayer I got disillusioned with churches and su...
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