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Artificial Intelligence and god belief

About Science 01 May 2017
On a different thread, I briefly discussed my thoughts on Artificial Intelligence.  (A.I.)   We already have computer programs that are good diagnostic tools.  Programs that can examine a sick person and decide, with great speed and accuracy, what the person's condition is -- and w...
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Newspaper: Why Do More Intelligent People Tend To Be Athe...

Instead of Religion 18 May 2017
One of my bots discovered that in the US edition of the International Business Times today a headline asks why it is that folks who are more intelligent are more likely to be free from theistic delusions.  There is a one sentence summary that hit me like a wall at 40mph.    “...
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Roger Ailes Dead at 77

Politics and Other Wars 18 May 2017
Roger Ailes, who developed the concept of modern cable TV propaganda channels masquerading as news, has died at age 77.  I think it is the best thing he has done in years.  All hatchets buried, congrats on being dead.   May everything he did rot faster than his corpse.
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Erdogan's bodyguards assault peaceful protesters, and...

Politics and Other Wars Yesterday, 09:54 AM
http://www.nbcnews.c...ely-won-n760926   Why are more people not outraged over this?  Agents of an authoritarian foreign government come onto US soil and attack demonstrators who were exercising their First Amendment rights.  When the American police officers on duty moved in to pr...
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Sen Orrin Hatch: Indians Don't Understand National Mo...

Politics and Other Wars 09 May 2017
Orrin Hatch is both a bigoted fuck face and a US Senator.  I have disliked the guy intensely for longer than I can remember, and that's not a sign of dementia, it's just a long time.   His latest episode in entitled bigotry for corporate cash:   “The Indians, they don’t fully unde...
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Witch Hunt

Politics and Other Wars 18 May 2017
  Trump assails 'witch hunt' after naming of special counsel Thu, 18 May 2017 09:15:44 EDT...
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Poem: Stereotypes

Islam 12 May 2017
This was the poem that won me The Language Award on the ISF back in 2014.  I updated certain verses a year and a half ago to better reflect what was going on.  Most of these are real arguments I've heard from atheist-bigots and Christian fundamentalists alike.     Stereotypes...
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Fake news, Fake elections and Fakerendums/Neverendums

Politics and Other Wars 18 May 2017
I put some concerns on AtheismUK, such as the way the Iranian elections are being discussed and reported. Like those in Hong Kong, the government decides who may be elected and who may not. That obviously isn't democratic and I think a different word is required to describe democratic elections a...
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Texas House Passes Jesus Industry Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill

Religion Today 10 May 2017
It is well known that folks in the state of Texas face a high risk of indoctrination with vicious fairy tales, the condition is widespread in the state, and government officials keep promoting it.   As religions do, the Jesus industry in Texas (and elsewhere) relies at times on gay people as...
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