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First Amendment Violation in the Virgin Islands

Religion Today 14 Oct 2017
On Wednesday, the local paper published a front page photo of a public school principal and assistant principal leading their students in prayer. There was no commentary on how illegal this was. I'd lodge a legal complaint, but I lack standing. One hopes some parent will notice their child's righ...
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Some Americans believe atheists and Muslims don't hav...

Religion Today 19 Sep 2017
https://www.annenber...nal-provisions/     More than half of Americans (53 percent) incorrectly think it is accurate to say that immigrants who are here illegally do not have any rights under the U.S. Constitution; More than a third of those surveyed (37 percent) can’t name any of the...
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Australian Nutter: same sex marriage will end Christmas

Religion Today 16 Sep 2017
Australia has decided that civil rights for at least one minority should be based on popular vote, so a sort of a popularity contest, for folks that want  equality. An Australian lady named Margaret Court wants to warn everybody that Christmas will be cancelled if teh gay.   saying if s...
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MAWAHHHHH the French champagne.......

Humor 18 Oct 2017
this always makes me laugh. I loved Orson Welles, but this is priceless. The drunken outtakes of a wne commercial he was starring in.   and a funny story about Orson Welles, when he was starring in Touch of Evil as Hank Quinlan, well at this point in his life he was quite large anyway and p...
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New Wolfenstein game causes controversy by killing Nazis

Politics and Other Wars 11 Oct 2017
https://www.washingt...m=.625ee8c66475   This story was particularly hilarious to me, because as you may already know, Wolfenstein has always been about killing Nazis.  Wolfenstein 3D was the game that introduced me to the first person shooter genre way back in the MS-DOS era.  It'...
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SCOTUS To Hear Gay Wedding Cake Case

Politics and Other Wars 09 Oct 2017
While Christians pretend that religious freedom entitles them to impose their superstitions on others, the Supreme Court is getting ready to hear a case of a bigoted baker bullying homos for Jesus.   As far as I am concerned this is an open and shut case.  If the gummint can require a h...
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Skeptics, Do They Benefit Society?

Instead of Religion 04 Oct 2017
As time goes on I'm finding myself more and more disenchanted with the so-called skeptic movement.  Many people are concerned about sexism in skepticism, that is a problem and I have always opposed sexism, but today I'm talking about something more basic.   I'm aware of the dangers of c...
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I Just Pissed Myself Laughing At This One

Humor 06 Oct 2017
The brave little king of Saudi Arabia can walk - but only with assistance apparently.   What in hell did that assistant think he was doing as he fussed around the king on the way down the steps?    
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Don't Despair

Humor 06 Oct 2017
    Don't DespairReligious JokesSubmitted by wadejagz Sister Grace at the convent opened a letter from home and found a $100 bill from her parents. She smiled at the gesture. As she read the letter by the window, she noticed a shabbily-dressed strange...
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