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Israel Voted

Religion Today Today, 04:19 AM
A week ago, Israel voted.  The Far Right Politicians and Religious Orthodoxy Won.         https://www.timesofi...tm_medium=email
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Republican Jesus

Religion Today Yesterday, 04:53 PM
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The Jerusalem Temple in the News

Other World Religions 19 Apr 2019
Back to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Still a flash-point.     https://www.timesofi...tm_medium=email
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Declining Church Membership

Religion Today 19 Apr 2019
https://friendlyathe...&utm_content=44         The New Secular World.   The Wheel turns.  It's not Atheism, but I like where it's going.
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Jesus Fails to Protect Church Named for His Mom

Religion Today 15 Apr 2019
The cathedral of Notre Dame is on fire. The spire has collapsed.
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Astrophysicists find elusive molecule that 'kick-star...

About Science 17 Apr 2019
https://www.cbc.ca/n...d-world-evening   Astrophysicists find elusive molecule that 'kick-started' the universe
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Chiropractic Woo

About Science 16 Apr 2019
My back pains have been helped by Chiropractic.  Still, the truth is the truth.     https://www.youtube....h?v=L7JO744PwXU
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