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Bigots Rise to Surface in Local Election

Politics and Other Wars 16 Oct 2018
Here in Corona, California we have city council candidates in the upcoming election. Three of the candidates are local Christian pastors who seem to like each other and share some values like homophobia.   I don't mind speaking out in public when I see this shit online.  Click to enlarg...
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Law Against Quakers Passed, October 14, 1656

Religion in History 13 Oct 2018
Forgive those who trespass against us. Love your enemy. Turn the other cheek. Love the sinner, hate the sin.   ...except when the sinner is a Quaker.       Preamble to the Massachusett's Law Against The Quakers:   "Whereas there is a cursed sect of heretics lately risen u...
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Bombastic Moron Convention Announces Keynote Speakers

Politics and Other Wars 13 Oct 2018
I'm surprised it was possible to squeeze the gigantic egos of these two buffoons into the Oval Office.   Click to enlarge image
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Escape from Religion 10 Oct 2018
Outrageous, & totally unnecessary!!!!!    
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Local Diocese Report Names 34 Child Raping Priests

Religion Today 09 Oct 2018
The Diocese of San Bernardino (san ber'dino) of the Holy Roman Child Rape Church has identified 34 priests who are known to have molested children in the last 40 years.  In an effort to whitewash their crimes the local bishop offered this lame excuse “I again offer my apologies and my d...
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Abuse of children in Jewish School

Other World Religions 06 Oct 2018
https://www.timesofi...tm_medium=email   Jewish school children abused by their own.  Surprise!  Well, not really.  Because, religion.
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Young Sheldon Speaks

Why I Don't Believe 06 Oct 2018
Watch “Young Sheldon” Question His Pastor About Whether Jesus Saves Aliens     Young Sheldon Speaks
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Internal Catholic Church Struggle Now Public

Religion Today 07 Oct 2018
First a 'Merikan Archbishop attacked FtTP, now a Vatican Cardinal strikes back.  Right wing bishops/archbishops/cardinals can't stand it when FtTP says nice things about muslims, homos, and womenz.   There are liberal (less horrible) and right wing (miss Der Fuhrer) factions withi...
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Atheist Theocracy on Fox news.

Religion Today 04 Oct 2018
http://friendlyathei...utm_content=361     Atheist Theocracy on Fox news.   Crazier than ever.    
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To be gay and Muslim

Islam 02 Oct 2018
http://www.patheos.c...&utm_content=49     To be Muslim and gay.  Why should gay Christians have all the misery?    
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