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Nazi Rally in DC Draws Up to 20

Politics and Other Wars 13 Aug 2018
Apparently up to 20 Nazis showed up for a rally in support of the Charlottesville rally a year ago yesterday. Unfortunately all of the Nazis survived.  They were outnumbered by thousands of human beings. They knew better than to try any shit because they would have been stomped to death by A...
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Pennsylvania Court Orders HRCC to Produce Secret Child Ra...

Religion Today Yesterday, 10:52 AM
It looks like the Catholic Church's  New Parish Merry Go Round is being shutdown in my native Pennsylvania.    Time is ticking down to a court-ordered deadline Tuesday to decide what information to black out in a forthcoming grand jury report investigating child sexual abuse in si...
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Most Senior Catholic Cleric In The World - Guilty

Christianity 22 May 2018
The Catholic hierarchy are copping it in Australia:   Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson has been put on notice that he could expect a jail term after he was found guilty on Tuesday of concealing historical child abuse allegations against another priest.   In a landmark decision that...
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Bishop: Catholic Church suffers from 'crisis of sexua...

Religion Today 04 Aug 2018
A Holy Roman Child Rape Church (Catholic) Bishop says that the global corporation is suffering from a global crisis of sexual morality.   Despite being the world's historically most successful coverup artists for over a thousand years, recent times have been hard as governments suddenly expe...
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Judge Orders Tweety McTreason to Restore DACA Program

Politics and Other Wars 04 Aug 2018
It's a baker's dozen of Ha Ha for Tweety McTreason as one of the pillars of his racist politics is shot down by a federal court. Tweety has been ordered to restore DACA after the court found he had no good reason for being a racist and xenophobic pig.   ...the Trump administration must full...
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USA Catholic Cardinal Resigns After Child Rape Charges

Religion Today 28 Jul 2018
A Cardinal of the Holy Roman Child Rape Church, also known as Catholic Church, has been instructed to resign by Francis the Talking Pope after the Cardinal's rape of an 11 year old boy became un-covered-up.   Pope Francis has accepted U.S. prelate Theodore McCarrick’s offer to resign from t...
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Joke Churches

Religion Today 21 Jul 2018
Now that Disney -- AKA, The Evil Empire -- has put so much effort into killing Star Wars -- I think it's a lot less fun, to claim to belong to the Jedi religion.   How does everybody feel about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?             Of course, t...
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Kids - They're All The Same

Humor 24 Jul 2018
He's not an Orang-utan, he's a very naughty boy:  
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