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Humor 14 Jan 2018
Time for something to chuckle at....
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Shithole, Shithouse, or just Holy Shit!

Politics and Other Wars 12 Jan 2018
So I turned on CNN yesterday afternoon. And what do I hear, Trumpty Drumpty and what will go down in infamy, (until the next insane thing he says)   I'm waiting for him to tweet out "fake" news, because somebody pointed out he actually said shithouse, not shithole.  And really he was ju...
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Easter 2018 and the Calendar

Religion Today 15 Jan 2018
It seems that this year Easter will fall on April Fools Day.   Seems appropriate.
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Just Let it Go Already

Humor 17 Jan 2018
Been sitting on this one for a while, finally decided to call it done and move on.   I was trying to invoke the ending of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  At least that's the most obvious symbolism.  There are other elements, like Bernie reaching out his left hand to catch Tom...
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Chelsea Manning running for Senate, is immediately smeare...

Politics and Other Wars 17 Jan 2018
Just look at how the establishment is attacking her and tell me if this sounds familiar.     Chelsea isn't running on identity politics as a trans person.  She's running as a progressive on progressive policies, to primary out a Democrat incumbent no less.  One of the under-r...
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The Girther movement

Politics and Other Wars 17 Jan 2018
This is good people. Calling out old fat ass.  Trump's Doc is lying about his weight and height it sure looks that way. Only way to prove it is for Humpty Drumpty to get on the scales, publicially.  We demand to see his girth certificate.   https://twitter.com/...ending-42716443...
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The Moment of Truth

Instead of Religion 14 Jan 2018
My 15 year old goddaughter is now on Facebook. The tricky part is I don’t know whether or not she knows of my apostasy, and last time I talked to her mom (my sister) about it, she didn’t know either. But I do not hide my atheism on Facebook, so if my goddaughter hasn’t figured it out by now, she...
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Japanese Village Claims Local Tomb Contains Body of Jesus...

Religion Today 14 Jan 2018
A Japanese village has a tourist attraction that claims to be the burial place of the mythological Jesus Christ.     The small village of Shingo in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture is known not only for its cattle ranches and yam production, but thanks to one rogue cosmoarcheologist the villa...
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Website 'The Humanist' Recommended

Instead of Religion 14 Jan 2018
Here is a well laid out website with content of interest to folks here.     The Humanist
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It Burns

Humor 28 Dec 2017
From Facebook  
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