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Blasphemy and satire

Islam Today, 06:50 AM
While it is unlikely to ever again be invoked in Scotland, the interpretation of blasphemy is seen as a threat to human rights in many countries, and was abolished [in England & Wales] in 2008. The call comes after a new Freedom of Thought Report by the International Humanist and Ethical Unio...
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Does Extreme Christianity Correlate with Mental Illness

Religious Afflictions Yesterday, 11:37 AM
Can a medical problem that affects a person's mind cause them to be extremely religious?  Or does being extremely religious lead a person down a mental illness rabbit hole?    (my vote is for the latter)   Possibly both for this guy, I'm declaring nuttiest Christian du jour....
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MSNBC: Tweety Laziest, Most Ignorant President In History

Politics and Other Wars Today, 08:13 AM
MSNBC commentator Lawrence O'Donnell just called Tweety McThinskin the Laziest, Most Ignorant President In History.  I expect he is correct.   “This is the laziest, most ignorant president in history,” O’Donnell said on “The Last Word.” “President Obama never once said something l...
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Today on Tweety McThinskin

Politics and Other Wars 10 Feb 2017
Today on Tweety McThinskin - Tweety vs Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals  
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US Catholic Cardinal Dies,

Religion Today Yesterday, 08:05 AM
A Catholic Cardinal who was formerly President of the (US) National Conference of Catholic Bishops has died.  In his role at the National Conference of Catholic Bishops  Cardinal William Keeler would have been involved in funding attacks on gay people as in Proposition H8.   A...
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New Jersey Among 38 Impending Gubernatorial Elections

Politics and Other Wars 19 Mar 2017
Over the next two years there will be 38 gubernatorial elections, two of which will be taking place this very year: Virginia, and my home state of New Jersey.   I'm particularly worried about the race here, because while I'm glad to finally be rid of the fucking fatass Chris Christie, I sure...
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Alleged Tomb of Alleged Jesus Reopens for Business

Religion Today 21 Mar 2017
A Holy Land tourist attraction with ties to an ancient cult that worships a genocidal sky monster has completed their multi-million dollar remodeling project, and is now open for business. People suffering from Christianity apparently believe a Jew that was allegedly executed a couple thousand...
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Kentucky Law Endorses No-Gays Allowed Clubs in KY Schools

Religion Today 21 Mar 2017
In an effort to protect Baby Jesus from an outbreak of colic, or for some equally idiotic fucking reason, the Governor of Kentucky has signed a bill that protects school clubs funded by taxpayers if they wish to exclude highly fabulous individuals, you know, those ones with the rainbow.   Ye...
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