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ISIS claims responsibility for Manchester bombing

Islam 23 May 2017
I'm sure you've already heard about this by now.   http://www.cbsnews.c...rena-explosion/   This happened one day after Trump made a deal with the Saudi royal family to give Saudi Arabia $110 billion worth of weapons.  Weapons that will most likely be used to bomb the shit out of Y...
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Another GOP Christian dogmatist

Religion Today 12 May 2017
http://www.patheos.c...utm_content=361https://en.wikipedia...tin#Free_speech Brattin seems to be a sort of 'religion trumps all' type of guy. From:http://www.washingto...e-men-OK-abort/ His bill makes exceptions for victims of rape, so long as the woman reported the rape to law enforcement, the D...
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Atheist Decries Behavior of Other Atheists

Instead of Religion 22 Jun 2017
The Sydney Morning Herald offers an opinion piece on how atheists should go about being atheists as well as what atheists should not do.   Generally I agree with the sentiment of the opinion piece as it suggests atheists ought not be misogynists or racist, of course.  But the author see...
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Demonic Possession, Yoga

Religious Afflictions 22 Jun 2017
I misplaced the article from Patheos.   The Vatican's Chief Exorcist is blaming Yoga for Demonic Possession.   After all this time, they might have noticed.  Only religious people get possessed.  Atheists never get possessed.  It should tell them something.  Somethin...
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Single-payer healthcare in individual states

Politics and Other Wars 04 Jun 2017
Earlier today I attended a rally for Medicare for All on the steps of the county courthouse.   In the face of Trumpcare, which would cause an additional 23 million to lose their coverage so that the top 2% can get over $275 billion in tax cuts, several states are now trying to implement sing...
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Clerical 'Educators' in Scotland, UK

Religion Today 19 Jun 2017
Currently all Scottish councils are required to appoint three religious representatives to their education committees. These religious representatives are unelected and unaccountable. Source:http://enlightenup.scot/ By contrast, separation of church and state, USA..http://www.patheos.c...utm_cont...
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Newspaper: Why Do More Intelligent People Tend To Be Athe...

Instead of Religion 18 May 2017
One of my bots discovered that in the US edition of the International Business Times today a headline asks why it is that folks who are more intelligent are more likely to be free from theistic delusions.  There is a one sentence summary that hit me like a wall at 40mph.    “...
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Condolences to EU Citizens And Soon to be Former Euranians

Politics and Other Wars 24 Jun 2016
Here at our place we feel that our dear friends in the UK have made an unwise choice.  DH, having been one of Her Majesty's subjects at birth, seems worried about The Olde Country, as he calls it.   US citizens should take careful notice of the way xenophobia was used in this campaign,...
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If Trump is impeached and Pence takes over

Politics and Other Wars 14 Jun 2017
I was watching this video from Secular Talk yesterday:   Here's the link in the description: http://thehill.com/h...mps-impeachment   The host, Kyle Kulinski, brings up the argument that has been on the minds of many people who oppose Trump, which is that if Trump is impeached and conv...
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Server Was Rebooted June 17, 2017 4:05 AM

What's New? 17 Jun 2017
If you briefly could not connect here this morning it was because the server was rebooted at 4:05 AM US Pacific time today, 6/17/17.   Just routine maintenance, no worries.
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