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Blasphemy Developments

Islam Yesterday, 05:07 PM
Blasphemy in -- Indonesia      
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Intermarriage, Atheism and Children

Religion Today Today, 03:54 PM
Intermarriage, Atheism and Children       https://friendlyathe...utm_content=361        
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Godly views of Atheists

Other World Religions 15 Dec 2018
How the world sees Atheists -- still      
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The Johnson Amendment (U.S.A.)

Politics and Other Wars 13 Dec 2018
https://friendlyathe...&utm_content=44     If the Johnson Amendment is destroyed -- the churches will be functioning as super pacs.  They will provide the Republican Party with dark money.  Exactly what Trump wants.   When the churches are nothing more, than the fundr...
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Other World Religions 15 Dec 2018
      Why not?  It's at least as authentic and historic as most other religions.
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The Political and Religious Cult of Trump

Religion Today 14 Dec 2018
https://newrepublic....a3213a-64721829     Trump is a religious cult.
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The Republican Party. Religion as Politics

Religion Today 11 Dec 2018
https://friendlyathe...&utm_content=44     Banging the drum and screwing America.
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Fall and Decline of White Evangelical Power

Religion Today 14 Dec 2018
https://friendlyathe...utm_content=361     Why Evangelical Power is Passing
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Americans Show Their Commitment to Freedom of Religion

Religion Today 16 Jan 2015
Duke University throws a bone to its Muslim students, faculty, and staff on one (1) day of the week. Franklin Graham plays the persecution card (despite Duke doing exactly the same gesture for Christians on seven (7) days of the week) and claims Duke is promoting sharia. Graham appeals to alumni’...
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Thirteen Countries That Are OFF My Bucket List

Islam 23 Feb 2014
You can be legally executed by the State for being an atheist in these 13 countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.   I am especially pained to see Qatar on this list, as I figured tha...
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