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New Jersey Among 38 Impending Gubernatorial Elections

Politics and Other Wars 19 Mar 2017
Over the next two years there will be 38 gubernatorial elections, two of which will be taking place this very year: Virginia, and my home state of New Jersey.   I'm particularly worried about the race here, because while I'm glad to finally be rid of the fucking fatass Chris Christie, I sure...
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A Christian Missionary On The Phone

Religion Today 19 Apr 2017
I just had a telephone call from a Christian who wanted to talk to me about the role god plays in my life. This is the first time I've had a proselytiser call me on the telephone so I decided to list the main points of our conversation here while they are still fresh in my mind.     I a...
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Earth Day's March for Science

About Science 23 Apr 2017
This is a protest I feel was underreported by the news media, and I was surprised to see nobody here talking about it.  A couple of articles that sum up the march:   https://www.forbes.c...d/#21a4333c5d65 https://www.statnews...ence-takeaways/   Over the weekend, I think the major...
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I don't even know where to put this. St Weed anyone?

Instead of Religion 21 Apr 2017
 Marijuana on Religious Grounds? A Cannabis Church Opens in Denver For the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, there were three reasons to celebrate on Thursday. First, it was opening day. The church, a more than century-old building recently adorned with brightly colored paintings b...
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Does Extreme Christianity Correlate with Mental Illness

Religious Afflictions 23 Mar 2017
Can a medical problem that affects a person's mind cause them to be extremely religious?  Or does being extremely religious lead a person down a mental illness rabbit hole?    (my vote is for the latter)   Possibly both for this guy, I'm declaring nuttiest Christian du jour....
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Universe expanding at a rate that is accelerating.

About Science 22 Apr 2017
Over the past half-century astronomers have observed many other facts about the universe that all point to the fact that the universe is expanding. While a very inventive person might be able to explain away one or at most two of these discoveries, the expansion of the universe is the only theory...
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Ungodly's Law of US Politics, #43a

Politics and Other Wars 04 Apr 2017
(for US citizens)   If you're not ashamed of Tweety McThinskin you should be ashamed of yourself.
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A Poem to Mike Pence

Christianity 02 Feb 2017
I said I would post some of my poems, so here's one I just finished.       The March for Hypocrisy     Attention Mike Pence! Something needs to be said You're banging a book that you've clearly not read You take certain stories so literally Ignoring the ones you pretend n...
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Religion Today 18 Apr 2017
24 wives in 25 years: B.C. polygamy trial begins Published 3 hours ago Canada’s polygamy laws are on trial for the first time since 1892, as polygamist Winston Blackmore is one of two men on trial for having multiple wives. As Reid Fiest reports, the judge will have to determine if...
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Happy Dead Jesus Day!

Religion Today 25 Mar 2016
You know that invisible asshole that has been threatening to torture you forever?   He's dead, Jim.     Yes, friends, for almost 48 hours (3 days in Christian math) the most evil, vicious, nasty, genocidal monster in the history of fiction is Dead!   I'm not prepared to expl...
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