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Atheists blamed for societal corruption

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Religion has gained major importance in the lives of many Americans. A Sept. 11 Newsweek article cited a poll that found Americans believe in God by a margin of 92 to six. These numbers are up significantly from previous years. But the increased emphasis on faith has brought unnecessary suspicion and prejudice toward those not so religiously inclined.

In fact, a study conducted at the University of Minnesota found a large portion of the American public views atheists as a threat to the American way of life. The prejudice that this belief suggests toward atheism is ridiculous and offensive as well as dangerous.

The pretense of this opinion is laughable. Can a nation who prides itself on freedom of religion really view atheism

The White Coyote

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A Sept. 11 Newsweek article cited a poll that found Americans believe in God by a margin of 92 to six.

I have read this and there is a point in it that really bothers me. This statement says that out of 98 people asked, 92 of them "believe" in God, however what it doesn't say is how many of them actually follow the rules, commandments, guidelines etc. etc. of any specific religion. It would be easy for me to say "I am a Democrat" But that doesn't mean I believe in everything the Democratic platform stands for. As a matter of fact, I disagree with much of the platform but, I agree with it a helluva lot more than the Republicans. Go into any Red Lobster and ask the diners if they are Christians and I would venture to say most would say "yes" But there they are eating shellfish, sinning their lobster sucking asses off!

I think there is a definite distinction from someone who casually says they believe in God, and the hardcore fundys we all know and love. I believe an awful lot of people "believe" in God because of convienence. Otherwise terms like; "God Damn it!" SNEEZE! "God bless you." and "Oh my God!" would be rendered useless and they'd have to start a whole new vocabulary!

It's also convienent when shit goes wrong. "Well, I guess it was Gods will that I got my pecker caught in the blender." Or how about, "Poor old Mrs. Rottencrotch getting hit by a bus. I guess God needed her more than we did."

I actually don't believe the general populace believes in a sky daddy who controls all things. I think what they actually believe in is a big guy watching this ant farm we call earth and just laughing his ass off everytime we kill off a couple million more with nukes or gas or bombs! :snork_lach:

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I do believe Jesus said something about fruit-- that is, you can tell who is actually following God by their fruit. And he didn't indicate "bombing civilians" or "worrying about appearances" or "judging others" were good fruit. So I think that going by the fruit of peope in America who claim to believe in God... there's a lot of them lying. I'd also happilly bet that they are the ones who see atheism as a threat. They aren't prepared to consider why people are atheist... another happy bet I'd make is a lot of those who are atheist are such after having had too much of their rotten fruit. Shoving rotten fruit down someone's throat is a hobby for some people.... they really ought to get a life. They are the ones that truly need Jesus, lol, not an honest atheist.



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Posted Image

Never know where to put my stuff but anyway..........

IMHO people just don't like to think for themselves.  It is so much easier to let others do it for them. 
It is easy to memorize a creed.  It is easy to sing the tune of a pretty hymn. It is easy to close your
eyes and say "please give me this" or " thank you for this". It is especially easy if you have been doing it since you were young.
But it really is hard to follow some of the arguments for not believing in a supernatural being. I sometimes read the first three lines of an essay and know it is way beyond me. It involves some really hard thinking (for me least).

So it seems to me we need to put out something or other to appeal to the masses of non thinkers in order to change their thinking. Posted Image
But then do we want to accept the lowest common demoninator - - these non thinkers into our ranks?

Well, it didn't take much thinkin' for me to cross over. So I guess if I am in the club anybody will be welcome.  Posted Image

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