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Atheist pride

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    Has Equal Rights

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Much talk on the Left in recent years about how the Right have been able to co-opt religion for their own evil purposes. And endless answers from leaders of the Left, about how progressive politicians should proudly talk about their religious faith. And they do; and are shown obediently trooping into churches, bibles under arms, and then meeting pastors, and sitting in front rows staring adoringly up at the preachers just as the rest of the congregation is doing.

As Cenk Uygur said in a recent brilliant piece - 'We were told that if we didn't give up our freedoms and our way of life, the terrorists would win. No, you idiot, they win if we do give up our freedoms and our way of life.'
Seems to me the same applies to religion. To paraphrase Cenk 'We were told that if we didn't go to church the Religious Right would win. No you idiots, if you go to church the Religious Right wins.'

Need some politicians to stand up to the force of religion in society. To say, no I don't go to church, no I don't read the bible, and yes, I do have my own values based on liberal humanism. And most of all we need to standup and say 'Yes, I am an atheist, and proud of it'.

If enough of us do that then we might just postpone the coming western theocracies a little longer. If we don't, then I hope you are ready to face the new Inquisition, the new witch trials, the new excommunications, the new lynch mobs.

The White Coyote

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:snork_tanz: Right on Steverino! I think all folks should ask their politicians what they believe in and how much their beliefs influence their decisions. Doesn't matter to me if a guy belongs to the latter day church of tin foil hats as long as he votes the same way I do, and listens to ME!

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