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North Korea and Nukes

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The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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Today N. Korea announced they had popped off an underground nuke. Nobody knows for certain if its true but I heard a couple of interesting comments made.

N. Korea depends on nothing from the USA as far as goods or services. Most of their trade is with S. Korea and Japan, China etc. Consequently, the USA hasn't any bargaining chip to hold back or sanction. N. Korea can basically tell us to shove it and apparently has. The shrub is whining to the UN to sanction and stop supplying any trade goods to N. Korea. Of course if this is done it will only ultimately hurt the N. Korean people who probably would rather just go fucking fishing than deal with any of this shit.

Now we assume the N. Korean dictator is nuts and he probably is but, here's what was said today. "The USA has shown it will attack countries that haven't any nuclear capability as they have in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is in our best interest for protection that we develop nuclear weapons as soon as possible to deter an unwarranted attack from them."

I would say that's a big "Aw Shit! What have I done now?" for the shrub, wouldn't you? The only saving grace in this fucking mess that this idiot has gotten us into is that he has sent so many of our boys and girls over to Iraq to be killed, that he hasn't got enough to send to N. Korea to be killed.

What a clusterfuck! :smt013



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Is there a verse in the New Testament that says only the USA, as doG's chosen nation, should be allowed to have nukular weapons?

As near as I can recall, there is only one country in the entire world that has ever used Nukular Weapons to kill over 100,000 people in an instant. Maybe that one country is the one that we really need to be worried about, as they have already demonstrated the capacity to kill very large numbers of people and then go to church on Sunday.

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