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San Francisco Catholics Ask FtTP To Replace Hatemonger Bishop

- - - - - Archbishop Salvatore Cordileo HRCC FtTP

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A group of otherwise reasonable Bay Area people suffering from Catholicism have asked the head of the fairy tale firm to replace the virulently homophobic gay man in denial currently assigned to oversee cash collection in the San Francisco area.  Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is an incredible asshole and frequently goes out of his way to insult, demonize and alienate gay men.   While driving away people who suffer from Catholicism is actually doing them a favor, that is not the intention of this militant hatebot.


Here are a few of the antics of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone:


  • Marched in an ultra right wing anti-gay parade, and made this fact well known
  • Involved in creating and promoting California Proposition H8
  • Promoted the notion that homo employees of the Holy Roman Cash Club who come out of the closet should be fired
  • Forced all teachers in Catholic schools to sign a morality pledge
  • Convicted of drunk driving, with a hot young rent boy in the car
  • Constantly denigrating gay people so he can pretend he is not one himself


Oakland Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, one of the leading architects in the campaign to pass the discriminatory Proposition 8 in California, has been named the new Archbishop of San Francisco by Pope Benedict XVI. Cordileone played a central role in founding and executing the Protect Marriage campaign, and under his influence, Catholic organizations in California played a leading role in financing the Prop 8 campaign. His partners included the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) and Focus on the Family. In fact, it was Cordileone who personally phoned NOM co-founder Maggie Gallagher and asked her to get NOM involved in the Prop 8 fight.




“According to police, 56 year old bishop Salvatore Cordileon was driving along the edge of SDSU when he entered a sobriety checkpoint he appeared drunk and was arrested shortly after midnight. He was in the car with his elderly mother and a foreign exchange student, a young male adult.”




Fortunately all humans die, and this even applies to Salvatore Cordileone, because strictly speaking he is human.  So he will die.  Hopefully sooner more so than later.  I hold out no hope at all that this man can be saved from his behavior of blaming everybody else for the fact that he is gay.  The best result would be him just dropping dead.  Sooner would be better than later.


May his grave be decorated with used condoms.

Join our religion of love and peace or burn in hell!

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