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HRCC Still Sends Child Molesters to Safety in South America

- - - - - HRCC child rape molester fugitive south america

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Despite all their talk of reform, HRCC is still employing serial child molesters with the full knowledge that they harm children.  They simply use the International New Parish Merry Go Round if the muggles in a country get too uppity about having their kids raped.


Fernandez is just one of scores of Catholic priests who have been accused of abusing children in the United States and Europe, but who have avoided accountability simply by moving to a less-developed country.


Global Post


HRCC will always choose the option they think is best for their corporation.  When a rapist employee is exposed they will move him somewhere new, where nobody knows their criminal history.   In effect they are providing their child molesters with a fresh group of potential rape victims.


All persons should be held accountable for their own actions, including conspiracy to allow a felon to escape prosecution.






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Great Ape

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But, Pope Francis! He's the new, improved face of the HRRC; he washes the feet of the poor; everyone loves him. He's gonna save us all from ourselves! Yeah, right.


Zero tolerance? Pope Francis can start by getting rid of these pedophile priests that the HRCC moves around like pieces on a chess board. I will believe it when I actually see it, till then, not so much.

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Cousin Ricky

Cousin Ricky

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The HRCC is now bragging about how many rapists they've defrocked. Like I care. I'll believe the pope is serious when he and his bishops start remanding the alleged rapists to the civil authorities in the jurisdictions in which they allegedly committed the crimes.


They can keep their collars as far as I'm concerned. Like I've said before, there are plenty of Christians in prison who can use the services of a priest.

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RIP Joe Bloe

RIP Joe Bloe

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Here's a creepy photo of pedophile Catholic priest, Father Jan Van Dael. He was was sent to Brazil after he was caught abusing children in Belgium. He immediately started working with children in Brazil. In the photo he is down a back alley flirting while delivering food to underprivileged children. Do you think his intentions are honorable? Are you worried about what might have happened to the boy since this picture was taken? Well the Catholic Church isn't. Jan Van Dael is Brazil's problem now.


Father Jan VanDael-child hair.jpg     click to enlarge



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