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Superhype in the news (Corey Lidle)

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The White Coyote

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While listening to the noon news today about the tragic death of Corey Lidle (Yankees pitcher) crashing his plane into a high rise in New York City, I heard the announcer repeat that the FBI did not believe it to be an act of terrorism 15 frigging times! In a one hour news program 15 frigging times. The subject of this crash happening "Exactly one month from 9/11" was brought up at least 4 times. The mayor of New York came on after the fact and said that fighter jets had been scrambled above all major metropolitan cities on both coasts within 10 minutes of the crash.

My question is ; How are we as a people and a nation suppose to ever heal and calm down from the horror of 9/11 if the news media continually drives this kind of "red herring" reporting into our brains. This was an accident. It had nothing to do with terrorism. It was not a reason to scramble jets. The date was purely coincidental, yet they jump on this crap like a Bobcat on a wounded turkey. Wasn't this story tragic enough on it's own? Is there a news source that just states the frigging facts without all the hype, all the second guessing and all the wild theories? What sources do you folks use to get your news and am I looking for something that doesn't exist?



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The primary purpose of all TV programming is to keep you tuned in for the next commercial. Everything else is secondary. The TV news networks are the worst class of news source, and Fox News is especially the worst possible place to get news, as it is intentionally filtered to promote the Repugnican Agenda.

My favorite news sources are the ones that I have designed myself. Listed below, possibly in order of how useful they are (starting at barely useful and going down from there)

UnFox News  - the antidote for Fox News, it is not a propaganda arm of the Repugnican Party
Steve's News - my original news site with many sources for international news
Liberal Media News - is part of the global conspiracy
News and Shopping - is a lighter approach to the news
News and Coffee - morning news
My News Site - a virtual clone of Steve's News, try the "cool" design
My PDA News - news for users of PDAs
Not Fox News - essentially a clone of UnFox News with a different visual style

On all of these news sites I've tried to select news sources that are slightly less Repugnican and more librul

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