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South Park rips 9/11 deniers a new one!

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As you can probably tell from my avatar, I'm a huge fan of South Park.  I don't know if any of the rest of you watch this show, but last night's episode was a classic.  They finally went after the 9/11 truthiness movement, which is something I've been waiting for them to do all year ever since idiotic CT videos like "Loose Change" rose in popularity.

You can watch the episode on this site:

Also, as you might expect, South Park's official website message board has been flooded with conspiracy theorists, shortly after the new episode was announced.  Apparently they've only showed up to bitch and whine about being mocked, as well as to post lengthy copy-paste rants on the government's involvement with 9/11.  Is it just me or do they all sound very familiar?

I can't help it if a quarter of the country is retarded! :snork_lach:



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I can't help it if a quarter of the country is retarded! :snork_lach:

What really strikes me as unexpected is how many people who show realistic thinking about religion then lose all capacity for critical thinking on the subject of 9/11. I mean, the suggestion that the WTC buildings did not come down because of the planes that hit them is so completely preposterous that only a fucking idiot would fail to dismiss it out of hand.

And then to build up the whole conspiracy thing with no visible sign of rational thought at all, it's mind boggling.

I guess it shows once again the amazing power of the human mind to militantly defend and espouse obviously stupid ideas.

I don't much like South Park, but I might watch this episode.

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I have always looked at conspiracy theories much like urban legends. Typically there is a grain of truth that is the basic foundation for the theory then it is expanded on and it grows. What is irritating is when a person gets so wrapped up in it that it becomes a obsession. I love the "idea" that there were explosives planted in the twin towers. Lots of intrigue and secrets. Visions of little ninja robed MIBs planting bombs all through the buildings when nobody was looking . . . oops over 5000 people working there and untold numbers of visitors and guests. Be kinda tough to hide wouldn't it? But I still like to hear the "Legends" :Wink:



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Like you say, a possible grain of truth. Incompetence, underfunding and misdirection in the intelligence services, collusion with helping "friends" in the Bin Laden family get out of Dodge. I would even concede the possibility that a whisper had been heard about suicide-jockeys flying planes into buildings, and the feeling that a terrorist attack would provide an excuse for attacking Iraq. What I don't go with is:

(a) anyone had any idea they were planning to use big passenger jets and fly them into major buildings

(B) that it was done by the Israelis (who are capable of plenty, but not that one)

© that the buildings were pre-wired with explosives.

Like you say, those ideas have lost all touch with reason. It's much the same with the idea that the British Royal Family and security services killed Princess Diana. I'm not saying they wouldn't have done it, but the reasons given are nothing like strong enough, the method used was far too unreliable, and there was no way on this earth the Brits were ever going to trust the French with something like that.

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