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Secular Children Fare Better

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Someone commented "Hardly surprising" and I agree.


While some people have no religion because their birth family had no religion, there are others who have considered the matter after being indoctrinated as children with religious delusions.  These folks belong to the arbitrary set "People who have thought seriously about religion".   As such they must necessarily belong to the set "People who have thought seriously about stuff".


I submit that folks in the set 'people who have thought seriously about stuff' are more likely to be successful parents, because they are likely to have thought seriously about parenting.


What happens is that folks who never question what they were taught perpetuate the errors of their ancestors by failing to consider the possibility they are wrong.  Failing to consider the facts of any matter is highly likely to reduce the quality of any results.


So, the portion of people with no religion who got there by thinking about it will inevitably improve the quality of life results for the entire group of people with no religious delusions.


The moral of this story is, it is better to think about things than not to think about things.

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But Zuckerman still put ‘religious’ in scare quotes when referring to the less ethical religious parents. I don’t know whether Professor Bengston had that tone of voice or whether Zuckerman was still stuck in a mindset belied by the findings of the study, but someone still has the idea that religiosity is defined by ethics instead of what a person believes, and no True Scotsman puts sugar in his tea.

An unethical religious person is still a religious person.

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