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Poem: Space Wizards are Worthless

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I've been thinking a lot lately about how I used to be a Star Wars fan back in high school, but today I can't stand the stupid franchise.  As I mentioned in another topic, the main selling point is the Jedi Knights.  Every dumbass fanboy wants to be a Jedi.  However, under the slightest amount of skeptical scrutiny, the whole Jedi religion falls apart.  Part of this is due to the fact that, in some stories, they were written to be failures given that we already know their entire order was wiped out.  However, even the parts of the philosophy that are supposed to be taken seriously turn out to be just as worthless as any other religion.


I've noticed a number of parallels between the corruption of the Jedi Knights and the current state of politics in the United States.  The Republicans are definitely the Sith, but then the corporate Democrats are the Jedi Knights.




There Must Always Be A Try



I sat down with a wizard from another time and place

Who walked the endless skies as he patrolled the depths of space

He said he was a peacekeeper, a guardian of yore

As fearless as they came, and a hero from the war

The doctrine he espoused was one of darkness versus light

Since he was with the latter, he believed that he was right

He lived to strike down sinfulness wherever it may hide

For those who turn to darkness stay forever on that side


Although his ways were violent, to his conscience they made sense

Because he only used his gifts for "knowledge and defense"

The weapon that he carried was more lethal than a gun

Its blade designed for killing, it could not be used to stun

Maintaining peace and order often warrants Deadly Force,

If criminals should perish, never mourn or show remorse

Their wicked ways decide their fate, their deaths are justified

So slaying his assailants doesn't count as homicide


I asked him what his values were, his core philosophy

He fights for freedom, he replied, and for democracy

His order is a bulwark, lest the darkness rise anew

Opposing evil makes him good, he knows it to be true

He told me, take a look at how his enemies behaved

They're tyrants and oppressors, and their subjects are enslaved

They're wanton and destructive, and they kill with no regret

It's only thanks to him they haven't taken over yet


If that's the case, I said to him, then what do you propose?

It seems that you define yourself by that which you oppose

But are there any principles for which you'd take a stand?

And how would you address the problems people have on hand?

You say that evil things are bad, on that we are agreed,

I ask though, what assistance you'd provide for those in need.

Resisting what you know is wrong, but never doing more,

It doesn't make you better than the ones that you abhor



Of course, proclaimed the wizard, that's the reason why he's here

He keeps the people safe from any threats that may appear

That's why he must be vigilant, and constantly aware

As far as other issues go, he can't afford to care

Whenever evil rears its head, he'll come to save the day

Eliminate the villains, everything will be okay

For once the danger passes then he knows the day is won

He's met his obligations, let the people carry on


I shook my head and asked him if he'd really thought this through

That beating up on miscreants was all he had to do

Instead of pausing afterward to see if there is more

Considering that many people's lives are touched by war,

A battle that, right then and there, is where the wizard fought

Neglecting who would suffer from the violence he had wrought

It's all too easy, I explained, to use excessive Force

That's why his lacking morals aren't something I endorse


You don't pay much attention to the people you "protect"

Like if they have been suffering for decades from neglect

You can't expect that everyone will readily rebuild

Especially if they, or someone close to them, were killed

So what, you keep the peace, am I supposed to be impressed?

It's shameful to assume that you are better than the rest

When all that you've accomplished is to keep the status quo

You boast of your heroics, but I know it isn't so


You're rigid and dogmatic, never questioning your group

Your mind is set and narrow like a closed recursion loop

Where everything is black and white, it seems you'll never change

Because an independent thought is something you find strange

It's not enough to manage things they way they've always run

In spite of you, there's much to do-- we've only just begun

In order to make progress, there must always be a try

And that is why you'll never be as powerful as I


The new Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy: Massacre a crowd of civilians, draw a target around them, and declare they were all terrorists.



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Not a fan, never was.

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I like the point you make in the poem.

Believe nothing you hear and only half what you see.

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