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Poem: Game of Horseshoes

- - - - - horseshoe theory conservative liberal extremists conspiracy theories eugenics racism persecution complex

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A Game of Horseshoes


I happened upon what I thought was a clash

Ensuing once more between two mortal foes

Who hurled munitions of verbalized trash

As often they do when their ignorance shows

However, as bloody as both sides might act

All fuming and foaming, with fiery rage

It seemed as though neither of them had attacked

But in fact, they appeared to be on the same page


"I think," said the first, "the solution is clear

As far as the groups taking over our land,

They're different and strange, therefore that makes us fear

Whatever those vilest of vermin have planned

We know that they're lesser, genetically weak,

And can't be allowed to defile our kind

We'll gather up every degenerate freak,

Then wipe them all out, leaving no one behind"


"It's true," said the second, "that some are unfit

To live on this planet that serves as our home

As seen in the profligate crimes they commit

Against mother nature wherever they roam

They plunder our resources, poison the seas,

Pollute what we breathe, and consume all they can,

So that's why we need a selective disease

To kill those defilers according to plan"


The other inquired, "But who should be first?

How should we determine with whom we will start,

So we can determine which ones are the worst?

It's vital to split different people apart,

We'll judge by external appearance and traits

As well as the ways that they speak and behave

To save those like us, send the rest to their fates,

Then pile the refuse upon a mass grave"


"But wait," said the other, but didn't protest,

"Remember the details this model implies

That some should be valued above all the rest,

They must be exalted, for I think it wise

To use them as bait when we fight for a cause,

Parade them as props and exploit them as tools

Until they are favored by national laws,

The public not knowing we've played them for fools"


"Though who are the ones that are truly oppressed?"

A rhetorical question the way it was phrased

"We're victimized, scapegoated, more than the rest,

Insulted because of the way we were raised

Those activists constantly mock who we are,

Attack our traditions, diminish our role

Because our beliefs are too old and bizarre

And therefore we can't be in total control"


The second replied, "I'm aware of the fact

That people don't realize their words carry weight,

They slur other groups without forethought or tact

Inadvertently spreading a message of hate

I always rebuke them with venomous threats,

Ensuring their privilege won't go to their head

For I get offended when someone forgets

That bigoted words often leave people dead"


"I know," said the first, "our oppressors abound

They run all the agencies up in D.C.

There's evidence out there, the proof must be found

That they orchestrate all the disasters you see.

There weren't any planes, and those towers came down

Because of explosives the government placed

Those victims aren't dead, they must still be around

For I fight for the truth, and the truth must be faced"


"There's more to that story," the second replied,

"They did it for profit, to justify war

Our leaders are guilty, the government lied

And covered it up, like so many before

The skeptics and scientists, all of them shills,

It's obvious someone had paid them to speak

It should be apparent our government kills

To silence its citizens, week after week"


"There isn't a question of what must be done

Or who must be punished," I heard the first say,

"We've gathered supplies and I've purchased a gun

So no commie or fascist is getting away

I'll go to their rallies, arrive unannounced,

Then set off the charges and start spraying lead,

Thus serving as judge with their sentence pronounced--

No pause or remorse, let the rivers run red"


"We've suffered too long, so we must take up arms

To dispose of our despot," the second agreed,

"We'll free all the people his tyranny harms

And show him that even a god-king can bleed

With the dictator dead, all our problems are gone

So people can finally choose their own fate

The nation will sort itself out from here on

Whoever takes over, I'm sure they'll be great"


I'd listened enough to these driveling drones

Aligned to the poles, yet agreeing on most

You might be forgiven for thinking them clones

Like ends of a horseshoe, they come pretty close

For people this stupid, there's just no excuse

Since both are as dense as a cinderblock stack

That horseshoe, I think, could be put to good use

By giving those numbskulls a good solid whack


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The new Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy: Massacre a crowd of civilians, draw a target around them, and declare they were all terrorists.

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