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Poem: The Watcher's Wall

- - - - - poetry trump political

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I know I haven't been here in a while.  Been busy, and had to deal with various health problems.  Anyway, here's a new one.  Border walls aren't meant to keep foreigners from invading.  They're meant to keep people from escaping.





As massive empires rise before they fall

Your greatest works are naught but sand and dust

My watchful eyes bore witness to it all

The monuments you forged will turn to rust

A place called Ur where once a city stood

Deserted in the desert of Iraq,

The pride of Hadrian would do no good

With other provinces under attack,

As China's folly stood for many years

'Til Kublai Khan laid bare how much they'd failed,

Constantinople holed up from their fears

But Turkish cannons finally prevailed,

And as of late, the East and West divide

I saw, once more, when Germany was split

A wall abhorred by those on either side

Who celebrated as the hammers hit


Less fortunate were those who sought to flee

That prison, open air, on sandy strip

Awash in blood spilled by atrocity

Beneath oppressive ruler's iron grip


For eons have I watched, and nothing changed

Within the hearts of men, where fear takes root

And turns the ones in power more deranged

When lines they cannot see are in dispute

Eventually a prayer reached my ear

From one who sought a wall to call his own

So bold and brash, so cold and cavalier

In such, I knew this man was not alone

"Believe me," said the leader of this place,

"They're bringing drugs, they're rapists pouring through,

"But some are good, this isn't about race,

"To keep them out, here's what you gotta do--

"It has to be the biggest ever made,

"Tremendous, like I said on my campaign,

"Illegals won't be able to invade,

"And that will make our country safe again."


I peered into his mind, a blackened speck

That floated in a sea of twisted thought

Without a care to keep his core in check

Nor inkling of the works his words had wrought

In cowering from some external threat

These empires often misconstrue the source

As petty leaders frequently forget

Emotions cannot be repelled by force

This little man, no different from the rest

Despite his tone, I've known his kind before

If no one else would honor his request

I'd grant him what he wants, and so much more

The danger does exist, I must concur

That things unknown can trigger great unease

And over time the boundaries can blur

While criminals run rampant as they please


I spoke and it was so, the wall did rise

As black and cold as humans could create

It thrust its way and rumbled toward the skies

And crushed the border towns beneath its weight

The mountains split apart and fell away

As people left their homes in droves and fled

Until its shadow blocked the light of day

Its darkened structure looming overhead

The segments then erupted from the sea

Encapsulating all from coast to coast

A trade they made for false security

To seal away what people feared the most

The final border rested to the north

Just like the others, open and exposed

And so another wall burst forth

Ensuring it would be forever closed


Yet even that I knew would not suffice

As foreign things could travel from on high

You'd say it's but a minor sacrifice

To cut away the country from the sky

The tallest reaches tear beyond the clouds

Like arching spires making up a dome

The wall to end all walls enshrouds

This once green land you call a home.

The withered plants and animals will die,

And so will all the humans who depend

On them, but never understanding why

They wished away their freedom in the end.

"This isn't what I wanted," cried the man

Not knowing that his fate was long since sealed

Nor that his hardened heart had borne this plan

Whose sickness only now has been revealed



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The new Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy: Massacre a crowd of civilians, draw a target around them, and declare they were all terrorists.

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I liked this description of "the leader":


I peered into his mind, a blackened speck

That floated in a sea of twisted thought

Without a care to keep his core in check

Nor inkling of the works his words had wrought

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