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A Meeting With God

- - - - - atheism humanism poetry

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A poem I wrote several years ago, but never shared here.




In all of my years spent in search of the truth

Some questions still linger from back in my youth

I've never seen evidence God is out there,

No loving creator to answer my prayer

I got disillusioned with churches and such

Religion and I have since grown out of touch

Yet theists still ask me each time I draw near

How would I react if God were to appear?

Now first of all, don't you start hedging your bets

No gods have seen fit to appear to me yet

A god who's invisible, silent, concealed

Is no better off than a god who's not real


But just for the sake of this argument, say

That I were to meet such a being one day

Whose power exceeds anything that we know--

It isn't a god unless we make it so!

How arrogant people are, thinking that she

Conforms to religion or mythology

The gods cultures worship in prayer and song,

Perhaps no one's right and they all got it wrong

For starters, I wouldn't get down on my knees

In thinking this entity must be appeased

I'd say that the faithful are out of their mind

In worshiping that which their doctrine defined


I'd greet her with dignity, walk up and stand,

Look her in the eyes and start shaking her hand

I won't call her "God" since I don't know her name

I wouldn't assume that this creature's the same

As the jealous, vindictive, and petulant Lord

Beloved by some, but by others abhorred

If I met this being, my biggest concern

Is what she can teach us, and what I can learn;

The writers of scripture from centuries past

There's no way they got all the answers that fast

A prayer won't yield the wisdom I seek

We must have a dialogue, both sides must speak


I want to know how, also what, when, and why

I'd ask her a question and let her reply

I'd value the knowledge that we could obtain

From powerful beings prepared to explain

I'd hope that this knowledge would help us survive

And build a bright future where all of us thrive

To help those in need, be they sickly or poor

To give them a chance, where they had none before

I wouldn't be selfish and ask when I die

To go to some heavenly home in the sky

Or ask her to burn certain people with fire

To punish their sins on the day they expire

I don't have a soul to demand that she save

We're teacher and student, not master and slave


If something is out there, as theists contend

It wouldn't be God; I would call it a friend





I had been watching this video and it reminded me of the poem.

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The new Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy: Massacre a crowd of civilians, draw a target around them, and declare they were all terrorists.

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As I was reading this, I was reminded of a DarkMatter2525 video. And as I scrolled down, there it was!

“Facts seem to roll off a Christian like water off a duck.” —Great Ape

“How much can you actually doubt something and still maintain that you believe it?” —Josh K, “Alpha and Omega”

“You don’t understand. My crisis of faith is over.

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