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CA Busts Repugnican Candidate for Threatening Hispanic Voters

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Officers from the California Department of Justice have busted the headquarters of another Repugnican felon congressional candidate. This particular Party of Jesus member had threatened Mexican-American voters with arrest if they showed up to vote. We've lost track of the number of arrests, searches, police detentions, and convictions of Repugnican congressional criminals there have been in the last few weeks, but more are still welcome. In this case the Repugnican criminal has run afoul of the law before ever reaching the House of Graft and Corruption Representatives.

This might reflect a new strategy of law enforcement agencies, to arrest Repugnican candidates before they are elected, perhaps charging them with conspiracy to commit one or more of the various Repugnican crimes like taking bribes, peddling influence, conspiring to promote wars of imperialist aggression to benefit corporate sponsors, and the ever popular Repugnican crime of pretending to be a friend of Jesus while performing evil and nefarious deeds.

As about 200 people gathered Friday in front of the campaign headquarters of Tan D. Nguyen (Repugnican Felon) in Garden Grove California, seeking answers to questions about his threats to Hispanic voters, the Repugnican slime was a no-show at his own news conference. Instead, 10 uniformed California Department of Justice police officers arrived with a search warrant and pounded on the glass of Nguyen's storefront headquarters.

Agents spent two hours sifting through cabinets, boxes and computers. They left carrying several boxes and plastic bags of evidence.

Hours later, they searched a home in nearby Anaheim listed as belonging to one of Nguyen's staffers, emerging with a computer hard drive and a small box. Nguyen's neighbors in a gated community in Santa Ana said law enforcement officers also spent several hours searching his home for evidence of Repugnican slime-ball activities.

Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant trying to unseat a popular Demoncratic incumbent, has acknowledged his campaign sent the letter, which wrongly said immigrants could be jailed if they voted. He blamed an unidentified staffer whom he said he has fired.

Nguyen has resisted calls from leaders in his own party to quit the race, saying he did not approve the letter and did not know about it.  After all, he is a Repugnican, and Repugnicans never accept the responsibility for their crimes. It's a basic tenet of Repugnitarianism. Any minute now there should be comments about the liberl media, an activist judge, or at the bare minimum at least some comments about the Homosexual Agenda

The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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Call me stupid but, when the fuck did  immigrants to this country suddenly become natives to this country? And on what date was it that all the europeans coming over here suddenly become the  owners of this land and supreme rulers? It really bugs the shit out of me that people with names like Nguyen and Schwarzteneggar and Wiechart all of a sudden think they are fucking Native born sons of bitches who have some right to keep ANYBODY out of this country. There isn't a one of these cocknockers whose parents were Native Americans. Now don't get me wrong, I am proud that this country is a melting pot that has accepted all peoples from all countries. My Grand dad was a welsh miner who came here for a better life and married a Cherokee woman. On the other side we are %100 Cherokee but that's the problem. I get tired of all these immigrants, bitching about immigrants! How many fucking Choctaws you heard of named Nguyen? Or Sioux named Schwartenheimer? THEY ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS! So what's the beef here? Do these assholes think that because someone is named Lopez or Lorenzo that they don't deserve to be here? Well fuck them! I have a lot of hispanic friends and I wiould put them up against anybody of any color or race anyday to get anything done. Hardest working bastards I have ever seen! I just can't believe the balls of these immigrants trying to frighten immigrants away from the polls. How fucking chickenshit can a person get. The way I see it, if your last name isn't Eagle Feather, White Buffallo or something close to that you are probably an immigrant too and  should welcome anybody who's willing to work hard to support their families and be good citizens.



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I agree, if you treace back almost all lineage you will find that the majority of the populations of North America was fueled by immigration. I myself have Portuguese Grandparents from my father's side, a ukranian grandfather who was from my mothers side and I also had a french-canadian Metis grandmother. I myself prefer the Multiculteral salad ideals of Canada, although it poses some problems such as conflicting lifestyles(the canadian life connected to the say Korean life) it allows people to remember all aspects of culture. I have embraced most of my culture on my father's side as my Portuguese grandparents are still alive. I wish I had had time to embrace my other side of my family, but my grandmother passed away around may and my grandfather has been dead since I was one.

On Topic, these republicans shouldn't be complaining. There was an old proverb in a history book I read. I found it interesting,albeit incorrect since it called the aboriginals indians and the immigrants whitemen.

"An indian sat on a log. One day the whiteman came and sat next to him. The whiteman said for the indian to move over, and he did. Then the whiteman asked again for the indian to move over, he did. Again the indian was asked to moe over, and e did and fell off the log. The whitemen took the whole log, and all the indian got was a stump."



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If you have a pretty decent family snapshot album, you can almost trace the progression from immigrant to bigoted nationalist...

85 years ago, my relatives were Italians living in the US.
60 years ago, they were Italians BORN in the US.
40 years ago, they were Americans who remembered the struggles of their Italian fathers and grandfathers and passed down their heritage.

Today?  My nieces and nephews are fourth generation Americans....Americans By God!  with real American names like Nelson and Cleaver, with American things like Jessica Simpson and Clay Aiken and Brad Pitt and X-Box and Macintosh computers (oops...sorry Steve  :rebel_lol:).  They think a melting pot is for nachos, and The Indians are a ball team from Cleveland.  Immigrants are the 7-11 clerk and those grimy guys who wait for the truck each morning at the freeway on-ramp...and if those Mexicans don't like it here, well they can just go back to Canada.

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