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An Ugly Day - Meth

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The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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Today my wife came home from work, her emotions running raw from  an ugly day. As some of you know, she is a neo natal nurse, taking care of premature and sick newborns. Today a woman was brought in pregnant and bleeding badly. An emergency c-section was performed as it was obvious the placenta had broken away and the baby, although very premature was being bled to death. My wife and her team worked on the baby for 37 minutes but were not able to get a heartbeat. The baby, perfectly healthy in every way was the victim of the mothers use of meth. The drug can have the effect that it literally destroys the uterus and that is what happened. Needless to say my wife quite literlly felt they should have left the mother lay on the table with her guts hanging out and let her bleed to death, slowly. Some states would prosecute this woman for manslaughter which I personally feel is a good idea. However I got to thinking, is this any different than an abortion? It is after all, the womans choice and I am pro-choice. Yet for some reason this type of behavior disturbs me. It is very perplexing to me. I am just curious how some of you see this type of situation. Should the woman be prosecuted? Other than the taking of illegal drugs, do you feel what she caused to happen is a crime? Was it manslaughter? The more I think about it, the more confused I become. What are your thoughts?



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Reading this makes me wish there really was a benevolent god and prayer really did work.  It must be very difficult for your wife and others who work in the health profession and see many other situations like this. They must do thier jobs according to laws etc. but wonder if what they do is the right thing. My first thought is to prosecute the mother. But one wonders about why she took the meth and was she addicted. There is always a story behind the story.

I guess I don't think about it often. If I just read about it in paper etc I would just think...oh somebody else's problem.  It is when you are personally touched by it that you have to think about it. And having chosen to become a member of this Forum...I am personally touched by your story. I think we all give more thought to a post that is personal than to one that is just a reference to an article.

Confused?  Me too.



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This is a terrible situation. I'm not sure this woman should be prosecuted, it is always possible that at some level her drug use was intended to have this result. But meth is a very dangerous drug as it can be highly addictive.

I think it would be very appropriate for the medical professionals involved in this case to make it very clear to this woman that her drug habit killed this unborn child. But I also think she should be left to wallow in the miserable life she has created for herself, unless she wants help getting off meth. Then I think she should be helped.

It's no wonder your wife felt as she did, her feelings were valid and legitimate, and I think I would have felt the same way. But to prosecute this woman might set legal precedents that could compromise the rights of more responsible women to have an abortion.

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