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Desperate Party of Jesus Plays Gay Marriage/Activist Judge Card

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Increasingly certain of the massive slaughter of incumbent Repugnicans that will certainly occur next week, the sinking ship of the Party of Jesus is desperately grabbing at even the tiniest of straws. Over the weekend Our Glorious Christian Leader played the Activist Judge/Fear of a Queer Planet card again, hoping to once again sucker his Fundamentalist fool fans into believing he'll actually do something about an issue that does not actually make money for Repugnican-controlled corporations.

Pandering as he always does to those anxious to find any excuse to justify their prejudice, Our Glorious Christian Leader let up on Mexican immigrants for a few speeches in order to return to the old standard gay bashing technique invented at the 1992 Repugnican National Convention by noted Repugnican hate monger Pat Buchanan.

Jesus' favorite warmonger decried the recent decision in New Jersey in which judges did their sworn duty and upheld the New Jersey State Constitution, claiming it was actually a provocation against his idiotic religion. We already know what Our Glorious Christian Leader thinks about constitutions. These judges were not activists. They did not picket anyone, smoke dope in their chambers, or cry out "Far out, man". They were simply performing their constitutional duty.

There is not one single Fundamentalist moron anywhere that has ever offered any explanation of exactly what the nature is of the imaginary harm they so foolishly fear will befall Christian bigots if gay people are able to marry.

In the state of Massachusetts, where gay marriage has been lawful for well over a year, the morgues and funeral homes do not seem to have been overwhelmed with the bodies of dead Fundamentalist morons that died simply because gays can now get married there. Not a single Fundamentalist has required emergency surgery to correct a medical problem caused by two men or two women getting married. No banks or other financial institutions have been forced to close their doors because gay people have the same civil rights as anyone else.

The same can not be said for the morgues in Iraq, where an estimated 566,000 Iraqis are now dead because of the activist lies told by Our Glorious Christian Leader to support the Repugnican Agenda. Many Iraqis have been hospitalized because of Our Glorious Christian Leader. The Iraqi economy has been ruined by the conspiracy to start an illegal invasion that was led by the world's most powerful Fundamentalist buffoon. But Our Glorious Christian Leader would rather whip fools up into a frenzy over gay marriage and imaginary threats posed by non-existent activist judges than talk about his own war crimes.

Tuesday, November 7th, just say NO to Activist warmongers.



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They don't seem to've perpetrated an October Surprise, but they may wait until a few days after voting day to attack Iran, so that any questions about fraudulent elections will be drowned out by the war furor.

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