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Judaism-Flavored Fundamentalist Bigots Riot Over Gay Parade Plans

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Possibly motivated by the fantastic press coverage that American Fundamentalist hate mongers get with their preposterous gay bashing rants, a gang of criminal Ultra Orthodox Jews rioted in Jerusalem to express their unwillingness to tolerate tolerance.

It is a well known fact that all 3 branches of Abrahamic superstition promote the violent suppression of homosexuals. And tolerance is considered a shameful attitude by Christianity, Judaism and Islam. So nobody should be too surprised that gangs of roving hate mongers rioted in the streets in Jerusalem, the hate capital of the known universe and the undisputed ultimate source of worldwide religious hatred piety.

Originally the violently intolerant chosen ones had expressed an intention to conduct a march protesting the Jerusalem city government's issuance of a permit to people that were not exactly like them.

Several hundred members of the Haredi sect took part in the march, led by their leaders who wore sack cloths, a Biblical sign of mourning. The poor little things!

Protestors carried signs denouncing homosexuality and proclaiming "Jerusalem will not be like Sodom and Gomorrah." Perhaps by this they meant that they would not settle for just the virgin daughter of a man hosting visitors from out of town, and they intended to hold out for their God-given right to commit ceremonial rape of men visiting from other cities. This part is not clear.

Several blocks into the protest march demonstrators rolled garbage cans into the street to block police and then set the garbage on fire. One can only speculate that these holy people had concerns that the garbage could fall into the wrong hands, so they initiated the rapid oxidation as a burnt offering of garbage, as instructed in some stupid holy book somewhere. No doubt it was a religious ceremony.

The riot came several hours after Jerusalem's police chief placed the force on an "Emergency Alert", something usually done only in a time of war, in preparation for the November 11 LGBT pride parade. The police department said that it has not yet decided whether to cancel the parade permit issued to Jerusalem Open House, the organizer of the parade, but issued the alert anyway as a result of threats by the righteous, holy, and pious folks from Hared. You can always tell when an organization is deeply religious by the threats of, and the actual practice of, violence. In His mercy.

The chief also reportedly asked on Tuesday for a massive military presence in the city the day of the scheduled parade to prevent any violent outbreak. A spokesperson for the police department said it is concerned terrorists might try to take advantage of the situation to mount an attack. A terr'ist, of course, is a person that seeks to harm other people on behalf of their Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy, for example, these rioting followers of Yahweh.

The parade has been under increasing condemnation by religious extremists and other conservative members of Israel's Parliament. Orthodox rabbis, Muslims and conservative Christians have reignited the firestorm of criticism they mounted over World Pride events held over the summer in Jerusalem.  Their opposition resulted in the refusal to grant a parade permit to World Pride.

Open House had hoped for less opposition to the city's pride parade.

Nearly 70 members of Parliament from a wide number of parties have signed a petition against holding the parade. Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Yaacov Edri, has called for the parade to be cancelled.

Last year when the city refused to issue a pride parade permit the center went to court and won an injunction forcing the city to allow the march.

The parade was marred by a series of violent attacks in which more than a than a dozen protestors were arrested and three people were stabbed.

Almost 1,000 protestors lined the parade route. Bottles of urine and bags containing feces were hurled at marchers. Statistics were not available to indicate what percentages of the urine and feces tossers were Christian, Islamic or Orthodox Jews. But gosh, they sure are pious folks, and nothing gets normally warring religious factions to join together in a common cause better than some good old-fashioned fag bashing.

In His mercy, of course.



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Gee...looks like Hank is fixin' to kick the shit out of someone.

From the desk of Karl (excerpt)
3. Kick the shit out of people who aren't like you.



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Bottles of urine and bags containing feces were hurled at marchers.

I'd call that attempted murder, considering they were throwing biohazardous waste at people. Off with their foreskins!

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