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"Idiots -vs- Idiots" and the children lose

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The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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120 reportedly killed in Israeli strikes on Gaza
Israel says ready to step up military assault after unprecedented attack

GAZA CITY - Israeli aircraft struck Hamas security compounds across Gaza on Saturday in unprecedented waves of simultaneous strikes. Hamas and medics reported that dozens of people were killed and that others were still buried under the rubble.
Meanwhile, Israel said it was ready to step up its military assault on the Gaza Strip, Reuters quoted an aide to Defense Minister Ehud Barak as saying.
"The operation will be pursued and widened as required and subject to (commanders') assessments," the aide told Reuters.
"We are facing a period that will not be simple or easy."
Panic and confusion
The strikes caused widespread panic and confusion, as black clouds of smoke rose above Gaza. Health Ministry official Moawiya Hassanain said at least 120 people were killed and more than 250 wounded.
In one of the Hamas compounds, bodies of more than a dozen uniformed security officers were seen lying on the ground. One survivor raised his index finger in a show of Muslim faith, uttering a prayer.
Among the dead was the Gaza police chief, Maj. Gen. Tawfiq Jaber, witnesses said.
Hamas officials said all of Gaza's security compounds were destroyed. Hamas said it would seek revenge, including launching new rocket attacks on Israel and sending suicide bombers to Israel.
"Hamas will continue the resistance until the last drop of blood," said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, speaking on a Gaza radio station.
Israel confirmed it carried out a series of air strikes on Hamas installations, but did not provide details. Israel has warned in recent days it would strike back hard against continued rocket fire from Gaza on Israeli border towns. There was no sign of an Israel ground offensive, in parallel to the air attacks.
Israel urged Israelis living near Gaza to seek refuge in secure locations, in apparent anticipation of Hamas rocket fire.
The first round of air strikes came just before noon, and several more waves followed.
Hamas security compounds are often located in civilian areas.
The first air strikes took place as children were leaving school.
Frantically looking for children
Plumes of black smoke rose over Gaza City, sirens wailed through the streets and women frantically looked for their children.
One man sat in the middle of a Gaza City street, close to a security compound, alternately slapping his face and covering his head with dust from the bombed-out building. "My son is gone, my son is gone," wailed Sadi Masri, 57.
The shopkeeper said he sent his son out to purchase cigarettes minutes before the airstrikes began and now could not find him. "May I burn like the cigarettes, may Israel burn," Masri moaned.
Civilians rushed to the targeted areas, trying to move the wounded in their cars to hospitals.
Television footage showed Gaza City hospitals crowded with people, civilians rushing in wounded people in cars, vans and ambulances.
"We are treating people on the floor, in the corridors. We have no more space. We don't know who is here and what the priority is to treat," said one doctor who hung up the phone before identifying himself at Shifa Hosptial, Gaza's main treatment center.
In the West Bank, Hamas' rival, moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said in a statement that he "condemns this aggression" and calls for restraint, according to an aide, Nabil Abu Rdeneh.
Israel has targeted Gaza in the past, but the number of simultaneous attacks was unprecedented.

There will never be peace in the middle east because the people there are not smart enough to know that their prejudices are based on fairy tales and nonsense. It's only a shame that the kids are involved. It might be best for all if the entire place was suddenly made a toxic wasteland.



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It seems to me that the good guys will definitely win, since God is on both sides.



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There will never be peace in the middle east because the people there are not smart enough to know that their prejudices are based on fairy tales and nonsense.

I completely agree.  Why can't most people see this?



    Has Equal Rights

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I completely agree.  Why can't most people see this?

People often filter new information through the ideas they already believe:

Existing belief:  Israel is just defending itself
New Information:  Israel killed 200 people
Conclusion: Israel killed 200 bad people


Existing Belief: Israel kills innocent Palestinians
New Information: Israel killed 200 people
Conclusion: Those people were innocent martyrs

When Palestinian terr'ists kill Israelis, the people in Israel never say "They were just retaliating for what we did to them"  because they already believe Palestinian terr'ists kill innocent Israelis (the only kind of Israelis they believe exist).

When Israeli armed forces use jets, bombs and radar provided by the United States of America to kill Palestinian citizens the people in the occupied lands say "The Israelis killed more innocent people" because they already believe that every Palestinian is innocent of any crimes against Israel, after all, how could killing Israelis be wrong?  They kill innocent people.

As soon as we start to blame all people of group x for the crimes committed by some people in group x we set up the possibility of enormous profits being made by Republican-owned corporations that manufacture bombs, missiles, mortars, mines, rockets, fighter jets and other devices designed to be used by whoever has the money to kill whomever they wish to kill.

Jingoism, the greatest virtue of all, demands that any citizen of any nation must always applaud every killing conducted in the name of their Church-State.

Posted Image

-----off topic----
In the 21st Century the human race has finally elevated Jingoism to its rightful place as the holiest of all sacraments.  Anyone who questions or publicly disagrees with a jingoistic comment from a religious, political or military leader is considered suspect and their "patriotism" is under suspicion.  Jingoism is good for the economy too, because all those devices that are designed and manufactured for no purpose whatsoever except killing human beings can really help to balance trade relations.  This is why Donald Rumsfeld visited Saddam Hussein in Baghdad many years ago, before he got uppity.  Donald was blessing arms sales to Iraq. At this point in time,  December 20, 1983, Rumsfeld was just a businessman representing the US Arms industry at the request of Ronald Raygun.  It would only be during the Bush Administration that Donald Rumsfeld became a war criminal.
/-----off topic----

My suggestion is to just say NO to killing human beings on behalf of the Glorious People's Church-State.

When it becomes OK to kill people you do not like religion flourishes.  When religion flourishes it is OK to kill people you do not like.

Church and State, greed and hate...  you know the rest by now.

The Force

The Force

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An excellent essay on tribalistic thinking and its' effects on how people are responding emotionally to this latest bout of insanity in God's Holy Shitland :

Orwell, blinding tribalism, and selective terrorism



    Has Equal Rights

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That was well written, Forcey, thanks for the link.

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