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Good Ol' Kristian Values on Display at Anti-Gay-Rights Rally

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The Force

The Force

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The Executive Director of the Catholic Citizenship shoved a women to the ground in Worchester MA, as she held up a sign proclaiming "Love is the Answer" in a sea of "Let the People Vote" signs at an anti-gay-marriage rally held by religious homophobes.

jeebus loves us, every one

I guess he wanted to remind all those uppity gays and their allies that the threat of violence for existing still holds firm in our culture, and they best not forget it, lest the good family values crowd starts taking lead pipes to their heads and nooses to their necks. You know, like jeebus told them.

The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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If I was her I would have that assholes nuts on a platter and the best trial lawyer money can buy ready to go.



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There is no H in Worcester. I happen to know because I lived in that city for 15 years.  It's pronounced WoostA with the emphasis on the silent R.

I'm disappointed with these so called Christians, assaulting an unarmed woman in the name of their Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy.

And of all places, Massachusetts should be the one place where it is perfectly obvious that gay marriage is a victimless non-crime. Gay marriage has been legal there for over a year now, and not one single fucking bigot has suffered any harm except for not having their bigotry validated by an oppressive law.

WoostA is a grey old city full of college students and abandoned textile mills.  At one time WoostA was the center of the drive-it-up-on-a=truck diner industry, you know, the old greasy spoon diners found in so many places on the east coast and in the south.

I don't miss WoostA at all, but it is not a particularly homophobic place, it's just deeply infested with Catholicism and the child raping priests that go with it.

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