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Holy Roman Boy Rape Church Denies Funeral for Italian Man

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Italy's Roman Catholic Altar Boy Rape Church has denied the right to a religious funeral to a terminally ill man whose fight to die sparked a fierce euthanasia debate.

Piergiorgio Welby died in Rome on Wednesday when a doctor turned off his life support machine at his request.

Church officials said they could not grant the request of the Welby family for a funeral in his local parish.


The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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Why didn't they just pray the poor bastard well again? Then they could proclaim a miracle and make even bigger headlines.

Not so many years ago, I was put in the position of "pulling the plug" on my own mother. In a coma, her body ravaged by cancer, her lungs burned by the radiation treatment, there was no hope of recovery. My family was a wreck after a year of 24 hour a day vigils, someone had to make the decision. I knew what my Mom wanted and knew she didn't want to be kept alive artificially. I signed the paper and watched as the nurses removed all the tubes, wires , machines and IVs. Within 8 hours she was gone.

The right to die as we wish, when we wish should not be a football to be passed between preachers and politicians. It should not be a public spectacle or a news story. It is a private matter between  that person, their family and their own personal beliefs whatever they are.

This story only exemplifies the Catholic Churches wish to hold people captive from the cradle to the grave and even beyond. What a shame that there are so many that actually fall for this nonsense. I can only hope that they are all put in the same position I was in and forced to either watch their mothers wither and rot away, or allow their mothers the right to die with dignity and peace.



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I agree with you White. A person should have the right to die with dignity. It is not fair for a person not to have the right to choose.



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Evil bastards.

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