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US invades Iranian consulate, an act of war

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The Force

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Well, after picking my jaw up of the floor after reading about how Bush apparently ordered the raid on an Iranian consulate in Kurdistan today without the consent of the American people or Congress, I came to a conclusion:

The motherfucker is deliberately trying to get us attacked again, so the American people, cowed by the same kind of fear as after 9/11, will grant him whatever power he wants, and he doesn't have to even pretend that he's supposed to be running a democracy anymore. I mean, national sentiment toward the Repugs is at an all time low, and with a Demoncrat congress coming in, perhaps the administration feels it necessary to take some drastic steps towards self-preservation.

Maybe they'll "thwart" the attack before anything actually happens, just so they can shove it in our faces while sneering, "See, told ya so, ya softy liberal appeasers." Maybe they think that a few more American lives can be sacrificed for the Glorious People's War on Terr'ism, so as to renew Muslim hating vigor in the population.

This has passed out of the realm of tin-hat land and into freakish reality. I sound so conspiracy theorist, but I sincerely believe this rat bastard is going to directly compromise the safety of every single person in this country, so he can sleep on piles of money and power. Nixon wasn't even this bad- Can someone please stop the Shrub already?



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There are so many good reasons why Our Glorious Christian Leader should be impeached, who could count them all?

The problem is that the same corporations he is feeding your grandchildren's tax dollars to are the same corporations that own and operate the US Congress. They have no financial interest in impeaching OGCL, indeed, they are making huge war profits because of OGCL.

All you bleeding heart liberal types want peace, prosperity and equal justice for all.  I know your type.  You make it sound like other countries have rights now, or diplomatic property and persons are meant to be exempt from military actions.

Might makes right, or having Jeebus on your side makes right, or some such bullshit goes on in that little presidential pea brain, and it thinks it is really a great guy. It thinks of itself as a hero.

I think we have seen ample evidence in the last 100 years that the human race is a deeply flawed species that has earned no right to protection from itself.  I think we should be left to do whatever horrible things we intend to do to destroy ourselves and each other.  We've got it coming.

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