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NC Baptist Churches Leave Convention, Still Welcome Gays

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After their state of North Carolina Baptist Convention voted to expel any local Baptist congregations that dared to welcome gays, several Baptist churches have voted to leave the NC Baptist Convention, tacitly admitting their failure to meet minimum fag-hate standards.

The state level group wanted to impose a Do Ask, Do Tell policy that would require outing and out-casting of all potential church attendees found to be fags or dykes.  Since sexual orientation is not reliably visibly evident, some sort of interview process might be required (Do Ask).   Since the decision had already been made that homosexuality, the trait of being primarily or exclusively attracted to persons of one's own gender, is incompatible with being present on Church property, the conclusion is to require heterosexuality (Do Tell).

Not only do these renegade Baptists intend to tolerate the existence of gays, they also refuse to promise they will forcibly eject any fags or dykes from Church property. The next thing you know we'll have Christians that think queers should have civil rights.

It's perfectly obvious with any organized religion that the higher you go up the power chain, the more out of sync the goals from the needs of the people.  People need protection from religion much more than they need protection from fags.

(TV News Story)

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