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Fascists Of the Family

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While researching the lies, propaganda, and deceptive political activities of Fascists Of the Family, I came across this site with an article about a campaign of deceit being waged in Iowa.


The title of the article "Focus on the Hate" accurately sums up the vicious, deceitful and underhanded techniques being used by Fascists Of the Family in their concerted effort to demonize homosexuals and then use this imaginary evil to gain power for themselves.

Also recommended is this article.

By first declaring homosexuality itself as an evil that must be countered, and then injecting themselves into this invented struggle, they hope to gain political power that can be used not only to oppress gay people, but also women, children, immigrants, and those who do not share their religious delusions.

Their practices are malicious and dishonest.

Other sites that might be useful in debunking FOF include:


Exgay Watch

Parents, Friends, and Family of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Hate Crime (dot) Org

All Facts and Opinions

And don't miss this article about a poster boy of the fraudulent ex-gay movement who, while knowing he was HIV+, had unprotected sex with multiple partners while pretending in public to be "cured" of homosexuality.

As a bonus the same page includes first person details of another allegedly ex-gay poster boy, the famous John Paulk, hitting on another gay man in a Washington DC gay bar. Paulk, a paid employee of Fascists Of the Family, appeared on the cover of Newsweek with his lesbian sham wife in a conscious and deliberate deceit claiming falsely that he was "Cured of being gay" by the sooper-seekrit Jebus powers of Fascists Of the Family.

You can see independent verification of the Fascists of the Family Paulk deception on the website of the University of California Davis psychology department here.

There is also editorial comment on the duplicity of the religious right in this hateful scam.

In this article it is revealed that a book published with Paulk's name attached contained a foreword by the shamed psychologist Joseph Nicolosi . He makes it clear that he considers homosexuality an illness that requires therapy. Take this into consideration when our recent troll states falsely that Fascists Of the Family do not consider homosexuality an illness. The same Joseph Nicolosi that operates a "clinic" for "reparative therapy" wrote the foreword
for the Fascists Of the Family pet ex-gay fraud.

More information on the fraud perpetrated by Fascists Of the Family and John Paulk can be found: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and not at all finally here.

We have established that Fascists Of the Family has conspired with discredited lunatic psychologist Joseph Nicolosi to spin a deliberately false web of disinformation in order to harm people that are homosexual. This is part and parcel in their efforts to create an intolerant, repressive, white-male bigot theocracy in this country.

Finally, we offer a link to a book entitled Steps to Recovery From Bible Abuse. Although the author does suffer from a religious affliction, it is not a malicious one like our recent troll. The author describes this Christian book this way "A Response to the Abusive Use of the Bible Against Gays and Lesbians and All Others Oppressed and Alienated by Religion"

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