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Jesus is Imaginary

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This video will indicate that Jesus is imaginary:

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I have some quibbles with the logic, since it ignores other premises found within the Gospels. It also ignores obvious consequences to the Pauline account that would screw the logic.

1. It equates Paul's vision of Jesus with the actual physical appearances claimed in the Gospels. An easy mistake for Xians to make, since they equate Paul with Jesus, but we don't. Why would we be so silly? Paul had a vision. In my book, visions are usually events of the imagination. That doesn't mean they aren't real in that the experiencer certainly experiences them. I've had valid experiences in my imagination-- I regularly use it to consider philosophical and mathematical problems and get an answer which later "proofs" through argument or calculation prove to be correct. But it's an odd thing to equate very different claims...

2. ...especially when admitting the validity of the Pauline claim means I can say "I had an experience of Jesus like St. Paul's and so can you, it's easy" and hey presto we have a method by which everyone alive can have an experience of Jesus.

3. When suggesting the method, the narrator claims that any sensible adult knows that nothing will happen. Is he implying this means people shouldn't bother to do the experiment? At the very least, given that Jesus also said the key to succesful prayer was "faith as big as a mustard seed", the narrator's indication he has no faith also indicates that he's missing a vital part in what he claims to be testing. How can any scientist conduct an experiment when he fails to follow all the steps in the method he is testing?

Jesus never says anything about belief in his person being the method of gaining eternal life. Therefore the status of his actual existence is a moot point anyway to actual Ch r istianity. Most Churchians worship an imaginary Jesus anyway, so it's hardly news that given a little spurious logic the same can be proven... there's nothing better than experience. I'd be more impressed with some actual evidence against the golden rule being an excellent and useful formulation of the only way to an authentic humane experience of life.

Still, I'd be more than interested from hearing of any small cadres of atheists who have actually tried this experiment rather than keeping it as a thought experiment as the narrator seems to have... how did it go?

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