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Atheism Rocks

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Here is an article I wrote yesterday for my newest Anti-Jeebus website, Atheism Rocks.

When it comes right down to living in the real world, nothing beats Atheism as a way of dealing with and understanding reality.

Atheism is the state of being in which a person does not believe in any Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy. Over the course of human history, tens of thousands of non-existent deities have been imagined by human beings. For many of these imaginary gods, nobody still alive believes in them or has even ever heard of them at all. Almost everyone has completely forgotten most of the gods that were ever imagined.

Today, we want to suggest that most people need to forget only one more Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy before their belief system can become aligned with reality. Just one more!

Ancient Gods

Hardly anyone believes that the ancient Norse god Thor exists, not today. But years ago people would kill to protect their Thor-based lifestyle.

And what about Rome? There were many ancient gods imagined and worshipped by the Romans. You don't hear about a whole lot of temples being built to worship Jupiter, Juno, Neptune, Pluto, Apollo, Diana, Mars or Venus - do you? No, most humans alive today recognize the obvious fact that these ancient Roman gods were invented by people who felt desperate to explain the workings of a universe that they just could not understand with the knowledge available to them in their time.

Hardly any cable TV channels urgently insist that you must worship the ancient Greek gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera, Ares or Athena. Why it has been ages now since an army invaded a foreign country to protect a nation's Zeus-based lifestyle. Not a single Republican candidate can be heard singing praises to Aphrodite or Apollo, yet they are gods, are they not? What's up with that?

If our modern, well-educated politicians are as pious as they claim to be, why do they never offer up a prayer to Ahura Mazda, the ancient god of Zoroastrianism? After all, Zoroastrianism was around hundreds of years before Christianity. Zoroastrians have Family Values too!

Extra Gods?

Perhaps, in our enthusiasm, to come up with ways to explain the role of human beings on this planet, we may have invented too many Gods. Way too many. Thousands too many. So many that sometimes people kill each other because of what they do say or don't say about the same God or a different God, all because they imagine that the God they imagine really, really wants them to kill people. Excuses? Obviously lunatic justifications for psychotic anti-social behavior - yes, that's religion today, much like religion a thousand or ten thousand years ago.

Too Immature?

Is the human race still too immature to deal with life in the real world? Are we so desperate to justify our ancient prejudices that we must invent a Super Pal, then invent stories that supposedly come from Him to justify our prejudices and hatreds? It's time to quit. Time to grow up. Time to face the obvious fact that all, 100%, each and every God ever worshipped by any human being is imaginary, unreal, and completely made up.

Reality as a Solution

The way to move forward from the harm done by religion is to accept the fact that there is no God, and find something cool and useful to replace religion. Atheism is right there, Atheism Rocks!

When you give up your comfy, cozy Imaginary Bearded Sky Daddy and begin to live in the real world instead, you add yourself to the growing number of people who have adopted a Reality-Based Lifestyle. Congratulations, Atheism rocks, and you rock too!



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I love the term"Bearded Sky Daddy" it's so hilarious, but on a serious note I agree with what you say about the gods and deities of the ancients. The more science progresses the more we learn about the world, our surroundings and the universe. Thor, Ra,Hercules, osiris, etc. do not govern our world! I think it's time man stood up and said "right we have fucked this planet up enough! Lets try and work as 1 to sort it". Of course I'm a realist and know this will never happen, so the chaotic world keeps turning.

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