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Salon Article about Michael Shermer and His new Book

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I've had the pleasure of hearing Michael Shermer speak at several skeptic-related conferences, and he is a very convincing, soft-spoken, and intelligent man.

That's why I was pleased this morning to see an article about him and his latest book Why Darwin Matters.

You can see the Salon interview here.

The article begins with "Michael Shermer has done a fine job in his new book of letting the air out of intelligent design's tires. As you recall, the so-called scientific movement, which says that nifty things in the universe, like human eyes, are so perfect they couldn't possibly have been created by the crude steps of evolution, was rolling along quite nicely through school districts last year, kicking up a chorus of hallelujahs from creationists. Some of Shermer's ivory towerish science pals, like Richard Dawkins and the late Stephen Jay Gould, told him not to bother with the I.D. boosters, that acknowledging them meant going along for their political ride, where the integrity of science was being run into the ground.

But true to his genial nature, Shermer ignored his friends' advice and penned "Why Darwin Matters.""

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