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Christianity, what are they on?

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Having had, unfortunately, way too much exposure to Christianity in my lifetime, I find it is the religion to which I most often object.

Christianity is the most frequently reported religious affliction here in the USA, where I am, and so it is to be expected that an atheist in America would be exposed to it.

I find the current campaigns by Fundamentalist Christians against women and gay people to be consistent with the past oppressive behaviors of this cult.

How do you view Christianity?




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There are, obviously, many types of Christians.

The first type is like my brother. He doesn't really talk about religion unless you ask him. Him and his wife are in agreement on their beliefs, and they take their children to a church that focuses on loving, forgiveness, etc. I've been to their church, and it's not too bad. He believes what he believes. I'll believe what I believe, and neither one of us tries to change the other. Fine by me.

Then, there are the other types of Christians.

The first type is the "I think that's bad, so you shouldn't do it!" I have gone to various Planned Parenthoods for birth control. (Keep in mind, I first went on birth control when I was a virgin because birth control is required for certain medications and it helps with certain hormonal imbalances.) I am ALL FOR them picketing Planned Parenthood (and obviously NOT for them murdering doctors.) Even though I completely support their right to protest, and I have no desire to shut them up with any means other than making them realize they are idiots, you know how much fun it is to be yelled at for going to get medication that you need? Many insurance companies don't cover birth control, and Planned Parenthood makes birth control affordable. So, that's the first type. The angry kind because they think you are doing something that they think is wrong, and they want to stop you from being able to having access to meds that you need. I think that this mentality applies to the larger, scarier scale....they THINK that people are doing something wrong, so they punish LOTS of other people because of their beliefs....definition of control-freak.

Then we have the type where if there is fun happening, they want it to STOP! No fun must be had! They will tell you that you are going to HELL because of it. A particularly crazy bunch would stand in the middle of my school's "courtyard" and picket during our "party week." I was just going to class and stopping on by the random vendors that gave away free stuff....but, good to know I was going to Hell....

Then there's the obsessive kind. I think the other kinds stem from personality disorders, so at least it's treatable. This kind just annoys the crap out of me. You can't talk to them for five minutes without them bringing up God. ..."What a nice day out!" "Yes, God blessed us with this day."........."I love the ocean." "I can feel God's love and warmth surrounding my soul when my skin is kissed by the ocean's salty breeze.".........."What do you want for lunch?" "All I need is God's love!" Sometimes, they can be a bit condescending....as if they know some big secret to the world. They don't. I'm convinced that they're just really bored, missing something in their lives, and are trying to fill it with God.

So, I don't think it's "Christianity" so much. I think it's "people." We will never have a society without religion. It doesn't matter what the religion is, people will follow it. People who do these things will do them no matter what....it'll just be in the name of something else.

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I think you are right on Val. The christianity is just a focus for peoples points of view. There are idiots and assholes regardless of what organizations or clubs or groups you may belong to. I had a friend who got his pilots license because he figured that there wouldn't be any idiots flying airplanes and it would somehow put him in an elite group. He was so surprised to find there are a LOT of private plane owners that fly drunk just like people who drive drunk. They're everywhere.

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