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Praise Be to Quarks!

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Holy Optical Fibers, Batman, did you hear the news?  It's really, really true. Verizon FIOS service is going to be coming to the Coachella Valley.

The Coachella Valley is an area at the northwestern corner of the great Sonoran desert, the most famous city in the area is Palm Springs.

Verizon intends to start laying fiber optic cable in the area, and will eventually offer their ultra high speed Internet service.  When this finally does happen we plan to sign up for the more expensive extra ultra high speed service and then we shall see how big of a monopoly Time Warner Shithead Cable has on highly unreliable and overpriced high speed internet service.  And then shall I call Time Warner on the phone and tell them to come disconnect their quaint, old-fashioned co-axial cable (how 20th century!) from my house forever.

But that's not all.  With as fast of a connection as Verizon FIOS offers, we intend to give up renting this server and move all of these websites to a kickass uberfast multiple CPU server in our house, probably one I'll build from scratch.

With the cost of renting a server gone, and the cost of unreliable Internet service gone, the lower price we'll be paying for FIOS will look like a real bargain.  And if they (Verizon) are not intentionally blocking incoming traffic on port 80 (The TCP port used by web browsers and servers) I expect the net result will be a faster server and a better user experience for nice human beings like y'all.

Now if you folks think I'm a geek, you should meet my husband.  This guy is so smart he could sneeze and forget in one instant more than I ever knew.  I'm talking serious geek here.  He has been working for one of the most famous computer companies in the world for 16 years, survived 3,263 layoffs (I've told you a million times that I never exxagerate).  We might end up with his and his matching webservers  :smt049

We just heard the news that Verizon is going to make an announcement soon.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait. Damn, I have to wait.

Imagine how happy Homer Simpson would be if he won free beer for life, now you've got the picture.

Prolly this is still a year or two off in the future, but we have been wanting this ever since that bitch sister of mine got FIOS.  We'll get the extra fast version and then just flaunt it mercilessly.  Ha ha big sister, take that!

:Smiley: :Smiley: :Smiley: :Smiley: :Smiley: :Smiley: :Smiley:

I was already in a good mood, but now I still am!

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Many moons ago I was put on an experimental fiber optic telephone cable. It was hilarious as it was so clear the phone company had to put a device in our line to cut out the echo effect it created. The voice of the person on the other end was crystal cear, but your own voice would come back sounding like it went through a reverberating grundge box. I would imagine the technology has advanced dramatically by now. Fiber optics. I don't understand how they work, but I can imagine how much clearer the signals will be. I'm anxious to hear the results.

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