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Conservative Takes Head out of Ass, Condemns Peter Pace's Comments

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The Force

The Force

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Well, I managed to find a little beacon of hope in the insanity that is Reich-Wing kristian politics today; Joe Murray penned an op-ed piece in the Philidelphia Bulletin that was actually compassionate and rational, no mean feat for a conservative. In it, he thoroughly debunks Pace's dumbassery and castigates both the AFA and the military for condoning bigoted remarks and attitudes that promote hostile attitudes toward gays. It's actually an excellent look at the glaring double-standard Americans hold: it's wrong and immoral to engage in loving and consensual acts with other adults of the same sex, but it's okay to kill little kids and demolish entire countries to force a political system they didn't ask for on them. Be sure to read the whole thing. :Smiley:

There is something terribly wrong here. Innocent children are sacrificed to the gods of personal freedom, U.S. troops are fighting an immoral war that is not their own, and all we can clamor about is the "homosexual agenda?" Is it any wonder we conservatives are lost in the wilderness?

This one's for you, Ungodly!

Also check out Pam Spaulding's take on things over at Pandagon (As a fellow smartass, I LOVE the graphic she uses).

Tasty Tidbit for anyone with lingering doubts as to the AFA's evilness:

The petty and vile behavior of Don and Tim Wildmon was exposed quite nicely in the documentary  small town gay bar. In it, Tim Wildmon sat on camera and dutifully told the story about how it was a good thing for the community to have his local minions stand on a nearby bridge and take down the tag numbers of people who were going over the bridge to go to the gay bar, which was far out of town, away so that people could socialize in privacy, since in rural America the closet is alive and well and necessary in many cases for your own safety.

The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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I wonder . . .  If Pace were in a foxhole under heavy fire and a grenade dropped in and the only soldier who could reach the damn thing and toss it out and save his decorated ass was a queer, I wonder if he would say "Don't grab it, you are a homosexual, immoral and therefore should not be serving here in the foxhole."



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Wow, thanks for those. I read both through. When I were a wee lad we had the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin delivered to our home. I learned to read before I started school thanks to that newspaper.

The Fundamentalists do not seem to realize how plainly evident they have made their hatred.  Many people see through their hypocrisy now.  It seems clear they are losing bigot head count due to increasing exposure to reality.

Gay people are a very small minority, we'll never achieve equality without the fair minded actions of a significant portion of the heterosexual majority.

Thanks again for the post, Ms Force!

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