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New SMF Forum Software Tells Spambot to Piss Off

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Today for the first time since the recent software upgrades, a Russian spambot attempted to create an account. No doubt so it could post a dissertation on the value of pornography in religious debates.

New users attempting to create an account are now shown a graphic image, mind you it is not very graphic, that contains a series of letters or numbers. In order to proceed with the registration, a would be user must type the characters shown into a form.

In the error log today I saw the message "The letters you typed did not match the graphic displayed". There was an IP address associated with the message. It is assigned to a Russian address. No new spambot account was created.

Here are the details of the IP address used in this attempted Spambot attack:

inetnum: -
netname:  SENET-IOPC
descr:    The Institute of Organic and Physical chemistry
descr:    of Kazan Scientific Center of the RAS
descr:    Kazan, Russia
country:  RU
admin-c:  MA3066-RIPE
tech-c:    DK1354-RIPE
status:    ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:    AS3058-MNT
mnt-lower:  MNT-SENET
mnt-routes:  AS3058-MNT
mnt-domains: MNT-SENET
source:    RIPE # Filtered

person:    Maxim Astafiev
address:  420029, Siberian trakt, 10/7, Kazan, Russia
phone:    +7 8432 990014
fax-no:    +7 8432 953452
nic-hdl:  MA3066-RIPE
source:    RIPE # Filtered

person:    Dmitry Konovalov
address:  420029, Siberian trakt, 10/7, Kazan, Russia
phone:    +7 8432 722173
fax-no:    +7 8432 722173
nic-hdl:  DK1354-RIPE
source:    RIPE # Filtered

Well, Dmitry, fuck you.

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