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Coatesville PA converts city council meetings to prayer meetings

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Aaaaarrrgh!  According to our atheist editor/blogger friend Austin Cline:
The intrusion of religious rituals into government business is probably more widespread than most people realize. In local communities where most people are Christian, and almost everyone is a theist of some sort, there are few who will be courageous enough to stand up and object. Atheists in these situations may be in the closet and won't want to suffer the consequences of discrimination, harassment, and even violence. Theists who object won't want to be labeled atheists.

In Coatesville, Pennsylvania, the intrusion of religious rituals seems to have been taken to new depths. They didn't just hold prayers to start out council meetings, but residents attending meetings were expected to join during at least one meeting and another time council members delivered testimonies about their faith in Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately I'm very familiar with Coatesville.  It was in Coatesville that an RC nun built like a sherman tank once held me out a window 30 feet above a cement sidewalk, expecting me to be scared to death.  Instead I was pissed off at her obvious injustice to me, and I realikzed she desperately wanted me to be scared.  I said to her "You wouldn't dare let me go."  Maybe that was the moment that began to cure my religious affliction.  I think the nun was named Sister Gigantus Bruticus, or maybe it was Sister NoWonderShes Anun.  Anyway she certainly must be dead by now and I'm not.  Now look who's laughing.

Freekin' penguins!  I like the antarctic kind, mind you.

Yes folks, I'm a graduate of St. Cecelia's Catholic School in beautiful downtown Coatesville PA.

I sure moved away from that putrid city at my first opportunity.  Yuck.  It is places like Coatesville that led me to refer to the state of my origins as Pennsyltucky.

I renounce Coatesville.  I renounce all of it's religions.  I renounce all of it's churches.  I wonder why there are still people living there.

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