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McCain Campaign Embarrassed By Moron Web Designer's Hotlinks

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Hotlinking is the practice of incorporating an image or other resource on one website into a web page at another site. For example, when folks here post images or videos they are usually hotlinked to some other site like ImageShack or YouTube.  Some sites do not mind hotlinks, while other explicitly prohibit the practice.

A dweeb working for the Sen. John McCain homophobe for Jesus Presidential campaign used a Myspace theme template designed by a third party.  The designer of the template offered it free to anyone as long as they would use their own images and give him credit on their page. This is a common practice and perfectly consistent with good net etiquette.  McCain's moron web designer, possibly looking for a job as I type, used this theme but hotlinked to the designer's image files,. violating his specific request, and did not give credit, also a violation.

So the offended party modified the image file that was being hotlinked by idiot McCains page, causing visitors to McCain's site to see a message that he supported gay marriage between 2 hot babes.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Before and after.

Details for non-techie types

Please note that this is not hacking, nobody touched McCains site. The offended party simply changed an image on his own site, which McCain's site was linking to after being explicitly told not to do so.

What a loser, in every sense of the word.

PS: I've done the same thing to people that hotlink to my copyrighted photos on my photo site, but never with such a well deserved result!



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This is funny!  The dweeb web designer now has egg on his face.



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Hey, if it keeps another homophobic, bigotted, corporate fascist out of the WH, it's all right by me!

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