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Does Obama Owe Emperor Putin a Favor Over Syria?

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It seems that the widely disliked Emperor of Orthodox Catholic Russia, Vlad Putin, has bailed out POTUS on a very sticky issue.


Not having the mastery of propaganda that Karl Rove has demonstrated, Obama made the bad mistake of not inventing ominous threats of danger to neighborhood playgrounds.  No imaginary aluminum tubes, no "we know where the WMD are", no talking about 9/11 then immediately mentioning Syria, nothing.


I guess the part of Hope and Change we got is; we were hoping their luck at starting wars would change. 


So here the American people have not been made afraid of anything affecting them personally, and yet he thinks they will buy into massive drone and cruise missile raids costing hundreds of millions or a billion dollars?


Remember, for every Cruise missile we launch there is a wealthy shareholder in the death kill industry making a profit.  Would that give anyone a motivation to promote more frequent military adventures?   Would TV networks make profit on ads during live coverage of the action?


Considering those who would earn money from a raid on Syria, do any of these people donate money to politicians?


Do any members of the US Congress own shares in our death/kill industry?


Does dropping bombs and firing missiles bring any jobs to a congress critter's district?


It seems lots of people had motivations to be gung ho on World Police Episode 34.  But not so much the people, a group that is clearly vastly under-represented in Congress.


Obama was about to hit a stone wall on his Syria-based economic incentive package when the Macho Guy in Chief of Russia saved his ass.


It is clearly in the interests of the American people for Obama to take this offer of giving up chemical weapons, but fortunately it is in his political interests too.


It is easy to see the motivation of Putin and Russia, Syria is a major customer of their death/kill industry.  If Assad is knocked out of power they lose a source of cash.


Assuming Syria really does as promised, for once, does POTUS owe Putin a big favor?


Or is the loss of revenue  to American war technology too great a burden just to have peace?


I think we should send a few dozen assassins to make Assad's head literally explode.  Then start shipping food to Syria.

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I'll bet the agreement to deliver up the gas weapons will have no goals regarding number of weapons or time limits.

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