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SCOTUS To Hear Church State Separation Case in November

- - - - - SCOTUS prayer invocation government establishment clause

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The Supreme Court of the US will hear arguments in November on a case involving prayers of invocation at town government meetings.  In the case at hand a Jesus industry professional offered a prayer to the specific imaginary monster named Jesus, thus specifically endorsing Christian religious myths.  Previous guidance from SCOTUS left cities and towns to make veiled references to generic Sky Monster(s) without being brand-specific.  The courts have ruled previously that endorsing a specific brand of stupid does clearly violate the Establishment Clause.


By praying directly to the children's cartoon character Jesus a line was crossed.


In the United States all government agencies must refrain from promoting delusional belief systems such as religions.  The wise men who created the foundation of our nation knew from first hand experience in Europe and the Colonies that religions historically seek to subvert and control governments in their authoritarian and conformist false world view.


Not content just to build a wall around themselves that keeps out knowledge of the real world, some persons afflicted with religious beliefs believe it is their duty to impose their brand of ignorance on all persons, whether welcome or not.  Our forefathers drew the line clearly, government is not to endorse religion.  It is clear that prayers of invocation at government functions spit in the eye of the First Amendment.


If some people wish to believe the intolerant rants of a bronze age genocidal tribe that is their mistake to make, but they are not entitled to drag the rest of society into their pit of self congratulatory ignorance.


Just say NO to Jeebus in government!




Establishment Clause

Join our religion of love and peace or burn in hell!

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My prediction:

A period of silence will be allowed.


That will allow the Christians to get their foot in the door. Councillors will feel free to introduce the silence with a reminder that it could be used to offer up a prayer to the god of one's choice. The silence will remain pristine, but the preamble will make it clear to everyone that Jesus is in the room; taking part and making decisions.

Believe nothing you hear and only half what you see.

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