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Emergency Software Update for all Windows Versions

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If your PC runs any version of Microsoft Windows you should IMMEDIATELY do a software update. For some time now an exploit has existed that can be used to install malicious software if you are using the world's least secure web browser (Microsoft Internet Exploder) or one of the world's least secure email programs (Microsoft Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook).  All versions of Windows are affected, all versions of Internet Exploder are affected, all versions of Outlook and Outlook Express are affected.  This includes Microsoft Windows Vista, the new "secure" Windows release.

The exploit uses an animated cursor file to directly access the operating system core due to an extremely boneheaded design from Microsoft. If you visit a maliciously designed web page using any version of Internet Exploder, or if you receive an email using any extremely insecure Microsoft email client, the malicious author can completely control your computer without your knowledge or consent.

Install this critical update immediately.  Of course a reboot will be required, it's Windows.

In the future we strongly recommend that you use any other web broswer, but not Internet Exploder, and any other email program not designed by Microsoft.  Many people using Windows and other operating systems select Thunderbird as their email program.

The exploit this patch fixes in Windows has been known for quite some time. Security experts have noticed a dramatic increase in malicious email messages that take advantage of the clueless Microsoft email program.

It is no doubt true that Vista is the most secure version of Windows yet, where "of Windows" is the operative phrase.

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