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What do your lyrics say?

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The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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I read an interesting article today about an analyst that, in order to get to know her patients personalities quickly, has them write down 12 significant lines from 12 very meaningful or important songs in their lives. It is not the songs or the overall story or meaning of the song but rather the particular line within the song that is important. It was really remarkable how much she was able to gleen about her patients using this method. The reasons the lyric or line is important to a person is again not as important as the actual statement the lyric says. I went through my music library and when I was finished, well you guys tell me what you think.

"Never meant to cause you any problems, never meant to cause you any pain."

"So you think you can tell, heaven from hell, blue skies from pain."

"What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end."

"You ask about my conscience and I offer you my soul."

"Tears would come from each others eyes."

"It's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams."

"If loving you is wrong? I don't want to be right."

"You gotta know when to hold-em, know when to fold-em, Know when to walk away, know when to run."

"Don't play with me cuz you're playing with fire."

"I can still hear you saying, you would never break the chain."

"Who is the beauty? Who is the beast?"

"Remember me."

Anyone else want to throw their heart out on the table? I found it a fascinating self study and even if no one else wants to put their choices in the forum, try it and see what you come up with. I was surprised to say the least. :smt103



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I couldn't resist this one about lyrics as I am always looking at lyrics etc.  I won't begin to analyze you but will post my own favorites.


A day in the life of a fool


The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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Sorry, it was in some womans magazine and I didn't catch anymore than what I told you. Another Fleetwood Mac lyric that I would have included was:

Did she make you cry, make you break down, shatter your illusion of love. Is it over now, do you know how to pick up the pieces and go on.



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From my collection of 6,932 songs....

"If you can believe you're turning all the world that broke your mind
then i can do something for you even though you're lost in time" 1

"Prowling in the night
Hiding 'neath my fright
Manipulate my sight - thief" 2

"Come on and lay with me
Come on and lie to me
Tell me you love me
Say I'm the only one" 3

"Nothing gonna stop them as the day follows the night
Right becomes wrong, the left becomes the right
And they sing as they march with their flags unfurled
Today in the mountains, tomorrow the world

Gonna ride across the river deep and wide
Ride across the river to the other side" 4

"Then came the churches then came the schools
Then came the lawyers then came the rules
Then came the trains and the trucks with their load
And the dirty old track was the telegraph road" 5

"Get a clue, little shrew
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Jesus thinks you're a jerk" 6

"What a great thing, to be free
She weeps, turns, thoughts unspoken
Butv when the gate swings, there she'll be
In green Sun, on blue Earth, under warm running showers" 7

"If you feel like love making
If you feel like flying
Make love flying
Make love flying, flying, flying" 8

"A very Merry christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear
War is over, if you want it
War is over now" 9

"Above all else confusion reigns
And though I ask no-one explains
My eunuch friend has been and gone
He said that I must soldier on
And though the Ferris wheel spins round
my tongue it seems has run aground
and croaks as my befuddled brain
shines on brightly, quite insane" 10

1 "Daylight" Delerium
2 "Temptation" Delerium
3  "Lie To Me" Depeche Mode
4 "Ride Across The River" Dire Straits
5 "Telegraph Road" Dire Straits
6 "Jesus thinks you're a jerk" Frank Zappa
7 "The War is Over" Jefferson Airplane
8 "If You Feel" Jefferson Airplane
9 "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" John Lennon
10  "Shine On Brightly" Procol Harum

The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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Says a lot doesn't it? C'mon Storybook, you've peaked my interest now.

The White Coyote

The White Coyote

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It's hard sometimes living after being betrayed by those you love isn't it Storybook? Just remember to never let your heart get so guarded as to not allow the love to seep out.

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